chew tails, a meowmoir

My name is Jimmie Chew, I am a cat. This is my story.

I was outside crying for three days before someone took me inside. I don’t know where my mother went, I was alone and scared. Finally someone took me inside and fed me and gave me a bath. I was sooo scared that I pooped all over them.

my first day inside

There was two other cats there, but the humans kept us apart. I was taken to a doctor, Dr Katz in Montclair, they cleaned my ears (i liked it) and gave me and the other two cats some meds because I had bugs and germs. I finally got to meet my two room mates. Fin and Darnell. Fin is all gray, he could look like my real brother, Darnell is all black and shiny. They are a year old, I was told I am only six weeks old.

me and my new friends

 After 10 days of taking our meds, we were  playing together like we were old friends. Well me and Fin were like old friends, Darnell is taking his time getting to know me. He didn’t like taking the meds because of me. For a few days he refused to eat. The humans put everything into the food, tuna, salmon, baby food even caviar, he was not going to eat it. The humans gave up after a few days. The lady from Cats the place they were adopted from  (care and treatment of strays) said it was ok not to finish the meds, just let him eat.

After a week of hanging with my new family I was told I had to work to be able to live here. I’m ok with that, I understand. They already shut the lights and air off because the humans didn’t have money to pay for the lights. It was so hot that we just slept all day and night. I am training with a clicker and treats. Everytime I hear the clicker I run to my mom and she makes me do something and I get a treat. I got really good at it, but now the other two want in on the action. Fin (which stands for found in Newark) is almost as good as I am. Darnell just wants his treat. They think they’re all Hollywood, they even got Hollywood names now. Fin Deasel and Darnell Washington. They can be all Hollywood they want, I’m going to be a NYC model/actor, no Hollywood for me. (unless they call)

Hollywood cats

So now, I eat 3 times a day out of crystal bowls, I sleep all I want on a big bed and I play with the big boys when ever I want. Fin really likes me, Darnell is rough with me, but I can handle it. I’m small but I’m quick, he can’t catch me half the time.

I got him good

jimmie chew

Follow my story, I’m sure it will be made into a movie one day!


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