lazy day

Today was too hot to learn anything. Well from the human anyway. Fin and I hung out all morning and I learned from him. What did I learn? How to, chew like a big cat and clean myself better.

I was too hot to do any tricks, but I did pose for the camera. My mom said I have to get a portfolio together so when we go to see an agent, they will see how good-looking I am and what wonderful pictures I take. It’s not hard for me to pose for the pictures, she just takes so many that the flashing light bothers me. I’m getting used to it. Look how cute I am.



I have big dreams. I want to help my humans. They don’t have a lot of money, I have to help them. They took me in, they already had adopted the other two cats, I was a surprise for them.

When I am famous we will move to a bigger house and I will have my own kitty city there. They will build me a big ramp that I can climb on, and maybe I can have my own room so I can get away from Darnell. I will have my picture on the side of the bus and travel all over the place.

Darnell is still not very nice to me, but he is very nice to Fin. They even slept together today. Mom says he will come around. I try to play with him; he just walks away from me.

So today I am just hanging around, sleeping. I will try harder tomorrow I promise, it’s just too hot today


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