Today I fell in love. She is older, but so talented. Her name is Nora and she plays the piano.  Look for yourself if you don’t believe me. I hope one day I can do that.

I did very good today. My mom was very happy with me. I remembered everything I learned  last week and got all my treats. Life is good . Today they had a smaller human with them, she played with me for a long time, I was tired. When they left the house, me and the other boys got some sleep finally. The little human threw a box at me because I didn’t want to play anymore. How rude. The big human told her not to do that. I feel safe when my mom is around. She sais she would claw someones eyes out if  she saw someone hurt an animal. Love her.

Us cats are very smart you know, the humans need to be patient and give us love and treats. We will do anything for salmon. But we also can be very weird and stubborn. Look how Fin drinks his water, what is he thinking?                         

I have my own weird things I do too. When I am done with my food if there’s any left  I will try to bury it. I do the same with the water, I claw at it and sometimes spill it. I was born with these instincts, nobody had to teach me. I am smart!

                      So I hope to meet Nora one day, maybe she will have a concert. I will work on sitting tomorrow, that will be fun. Maybe tomorrow my mom will stop cleaning my ears. I liked it in the beginning, now its just inconvenient. I also heard she is going to sleep over. (she doesn’t live with me). When we sleep together we stare into each others eyes. She thought it was for love untill she figured out I was after her eyelashes. She uses Latisse,  the stuff that makes them grow faster, they are very long. I like poking her in the eye. She’s on to me.                  


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