Good days

 What an exciting two days I had.


I went outside! Mom put a harness on me and took me outside to walk around.

At first I was scared. The noises, the smells, I just wanted to go back home. After a few minutes I started to like it. When I did get scared, I ran under  moms skirt. Mom says I need to feel comfortable outside and with other animals if I want to be a star.

 We walked around for a while and went home.


 I was really thirty when we got back.  I got my kitty milk. Fin always tries to finish it for me.

The guys smelled me for a long time when I came back; they even puffed up their tails at first. To my surprise Darnell had some respect for me after my trip outside.

He cleaned me and I liked it.

Fin wanted to clean me also. I was already clean so I made a lot of noise. Why does everyone want to clean me?It was very nice sleeping with my mom last night; I only poked her a few times in her eye. We studied our tricks in the morning and I got all my salmon. Love that stuff. It was wild caught so it has no chemicals in it. Everyone I know eats only organic.

My mom is going to spend more time on my training now; I am at an age where I can learn the most. Did you know kittens between 4 to 16 months can learn more than a puppy. Cats are smart; if humans were better educated they would know that.

I will probably sleep the rest of the afternoon now. I need to be rested for the training later. I think today my mom is going to teach me how to lay down and roll over. This should be fun.


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