cool cat

Today I didn’t like school very  much. I do the tricks that I know very well,  but the new  tricks are not so much fun untill I understand them.

I can sit, give you my paw, stay, jump where you want me to and jump through a hoop. I don’t know  how jumping through a hoop is going to help me get a job, unless they set the hoop  on fire but,  I can do it. Mom  finds it funny so I do it for her.

Mom wants to teach me how to lay down and play dead, is she nuts? I try to do what she wants me to but laying down is hard for me. I don’t get it yet.

 Maybe in a few days I’ll understand it and lay down for her. Playing dead is going to be hard. I am not a dog but, if you practice something for a long time, you will get good at it, I see that.

My poop results came back normal. My girlfriend at Dr. Katz  office told my mom I was very cute. I’m sure once I know my tricks and get all my shots we will get me an agent. I want to do a commercial and pose for a catalog. My mom is going to start a blog to share  her knowledge about fashion and beauty. Maybe next time I’m out walking, I wont be accosted by  bad taste. Humans should look in the mirror before they leave the house. I clean myself everyday, they should too.

After a long school day I went for a walk. I like  the birds in the trees. My mom got scared when I wanted to climb it. I chewed on some grass, played with an ant and jumped around in the flowers. I am really starting to like going out.

We will be shooting a video soon on all my tricks. I am very proud of the tricks I have learned. I walk around like a cool cat after I’m done. The other cats don’t even try to copy me anymore. I have out learned them, they just watch me  and get a treat for doing nothing. Its ok, I’ll be the smart one in the family.


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