choo day

 I wanted to do nothing today, just sleep. My mom insisted on training . Some days I have to do it two or three times. She said that if we study for fifteen minutes two, three times a day, my brain pathways will open and it will be easy for me to learn for the rest of my life. I will be the smartest cat ever if we keep this up.

I like hanging out with the other cats and do nothing.

When I hear the clicker, sometimes I  hide. I’ll come out because I know I will get treats, plus Fin always tells my Mom where I am. He is always meowing for something. I need to slow down with the treats. I don’t want to eat my dinner because I am full from the treats.

To motivate me, my mom took me for a ride. Yes a ride.. Usually I am in my tour bus on the seat next to her. Today I rode bareback.  At first I wanted to climb around, but she asked me to sit, so I did. I looked out the window  and didn’t even get  sick, I really liked it!  I need to be exposed to everything so I wont be  a scary cat. With my first pay check I will get a custom tour bus made . Most cats are carried around in Gucci or Prada carriers, I think I want a BMW one. Shiny black  maybe, with my face and name on the side. I wonder if we can make it a convertible? I can sit in it with the roof open in  waiting rooms. I hope my mom doesn’t put outfits on me. Animals shouldnt wear clothes, they have fur. Human shouldnt wear fur, they have clothes.

Going for a ride got my brain pathways working, when we came back I did my tricks.  I took some pictures for my portfolio again, I can only stay still for five minutes at a time. I have to work on that if I want to model.

I was a homeless, uneducated mutt. I am on my way of being a well-bred designer cat. Life is good.


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