bad chew

I like this going for a ride business my mom started. I like it more than going for a walk. I still get scared when we go walking. A big pigeon was checking me out today. It followed us for a while. I think we must have been next to its home. Maybe there was a baby pigeon in there that he was protecting. Did you know pigeons mate for life. The reason you never see any baby pigeons around is because they stay in the nest  6 to 8 weeks and then they are the same size as the parents.

 I havent learned any new tricks.  I cant figure out how to lay down on command. It’s hard to concentrate when the other two cats get the treats for doing nothing. Darnell is becoming my new best friend. He always cleans me now instead of Fin. I went into a pet store with my mom and the lady told her I was going to be a huge cat because of the size of my paws and the length of my tail.
 My mom is upset with me because I chewed her shoes. She is the one who gave them to me to chew to take pictures.

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