chew learning

I am happy to report, I laid down on command today. It took me a few times, but I finally got it. I don’t really like that trick, my hormones are working against me. I just want to attack everything. I can’t stay still too long, I want to play!

My mom was going to take me to my doctor to get me fixed, but she learned that I must reach as close as possible to maturity, to reach my full skeletal, mental and emotional development. This is about 8 to 9 months old. I am going to be a big, smart, happy cat.

To develop my confidence, my mom took me for a ride to her doctor’s office. The doctor asked her what kind of dog I was.  I think she needs a new doctor. I behaved my self very well. I stayed on moms  lap the entire time and wasnt afraid of the crazy doctor. I passed gas a few times because I had some cookies and milk before we left the house. I really do like going for a ride.   I know the other cats wish they could go outside and smell the flowers too, but they weren’t trained when they were kittens, so they would be very afraid.

Did you know that sometimes a gentle and loving male cat will appoint himself as  surrogate mother to a kitten. I know Darnell took his time getting to know me, but I think he is the one who is most like my mom. He can’t keep his paws off me. Fin only wants to chase me and drink my kitten milk. Darnell sleeps with me and cleans me all the time.

 In a few weeks I will be going to New York  City to meet a lady who might be my agent. I hope I don’t get stage fright when I meet her. First impressions are very important.


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