Fin and chew

Us cats learn how to communicate with you humans very fast. We pay attention to what you respond to. Fin for example, will meow  loudly and roll around the floor to get his treats. Darnell speaks softly to mom and sometimes will brush himself on her leg to get a treat. I just give my mom a look and pick up my paw. She understands all of us. Thats what moms do.

Fin is always nudging me away from my kitten milk. Sometimes he can be a real bully. He should be carefull, one day I will be bigger and stronger,  and I will defend my food.

Fin has a very big mouth, like a shark, if I’m not carefull he can fit my little head into his mouth.

The nice thing about Fin is that he will share his treats with me. If Darnell gets close to his bowl, Fin will hiss at him but I am allowed to put my entire  face into his bowl and he will let me eat for a minute before he pushes me away. Sometimes we can’t wait for mom to put our treats into bowls, we just dive into the container and eat all at the same time.

I am getting pretty brave when I go outside now. I romp around and chew grass, climb trees and run after the ants. My mom will not let me go too  far on my own, when I pull on the leash she sais “no” and I listen to her. I don’t want to get lost.

Tonight my mom is going to build a fake “set” for me to take pictures.I need to feel comfortable around flashing lights and big props if I want to be a model. I can’t be scared when I go  meet the agent, I need to be prepared.


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