Most people think I am “sharpening my claws” when I scratch my nails on a post, but I am not. My nails are like the skin of  a snake, they  need to shed. I  need to do this  scratching action  to help get rid of my old nails so the  new nails can grow underneath. Plus I feel like I’m marking my territory.

I am having a hard time learning the “‘lay down” trick. I did it a few times, but I must have forgotten or just don’t like this trick, mom has to pull me down. I will stay that way untill she gives me another trick to do, but I cant do it on my own for some reason. Kitty college is hard.

Us cats are nocturnal,  we love our naps during the day, and we can play and hunt all night. Because you  humans hunt and play during the day and sleep at night, we have a hard time keeping up with you. I get really sleepy in the afternoon. My mom lets  me sleep as long as I want, she knows when I wakeup I will do my tricks better. I need my rest. I am still a baby.

My mom took me to her parents house this weekend, it was a very long ride.  I fell asleep on the ride there and back. I had a real good time there. They let me run around the house by myself. I found all sorts of places to snoop around in and new shoes to chew. I impressed my new grandparents by doing all my tricks. They never saw a cat do anything before. Mom was real proud of me.

The noisy little human came around again.  She always bothers me when I’m napping. It’s not her fault. She doesn’t know any better, her parents need to talk to her or I will just  hide when I hear her coming. But  she always brings toys with her so I might come out.

When I first came here to live, Darnell stayed away from me for a long time, Fin was the one who became my shadow. Fin and I were playmates from  the first moment we met. They both play with me  but D cleans me and checks on me when I’m napping. He is the cat I go to for affection. He will cuddle up next to me sometimes and I will start purring. It must have been like that with my real mom. They say if a kitten is taken away from his mom too early, they become emotionally unstable. I think with Fin and Darnell in my life I will be ok. They both really love me. I am the leader of the pack here.

Its starting to feel like home here. I wish all the homeless animals could find a home. Sometimes humans forget how to treat animals with respect. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals. We got lucky.


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