on my way

I finally understand the lay down command. I really got it. Four or five days I’ve been working on this. The new fish might have something to do with it. I had Flounder as my treat.

I  had a real good night last night and a fun morning. Last night I climbed a tree in the dark.  Back at the house I chased the other cats half the night and slept next to my mom purring.

In the morning, my fake set was put up and I took pictures.

If  I can keep learning at this pace, I might be ready at the end of next week to meet an agent. I know she might  or might not be the one  to represent me, it will be good practice for me anyway. We might have to see 100 agents before I meet the “one”.  I think I am actually going to be good at this, I enjoy this and  I know my mom would never starve me before a shoot like they sometimes do  for  food commercials.

Fin and Darnell  distracted me all morning , I stayed focused because I wanted my treat. I am working hard to be a “star”. Nothing will distract me  from reaching stardom.


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