Fin and Darnell

I got the day off from school today so I want to tell you about Fin and Darnell.

Fin was found in Newark by an organization that helps stray cays. I will tell you more about them later, they are really good humans. Fin was trapped when he was 5 months old. He was the last one of his  5 siblings to get trapped. He must have been so scared and lonely. He was never around people before, but on the second day of meeting mom he licked her hand, that’s when she knew he picked her to be his mom.

The first couple of days he was very frightened. He didn’t trust anyone. Still doesn’t like people too much. He would hide all day and only come out to eat. The humans took him to the vet and found out he had a cold. After he took his medicine for a few days he started to come out of his shell. Fin loves to play with sting and one time he swallowed a long one. He was taken to the emergency room because he was throwing up. The humans are real carefull now not to leave stings around.  Fin doesn’t like to get picked up but he loves to get his head scratched. He is a big cat. He is a very vocal cat. Meow Meow Meow all day. He is also a tattle tail. If mom is looking for me, Fin will lead her to me. He practically points with his paw to tell her where I am.

Darnell came a few months later. He was adopted first but, his new family had a cat that didn’t like him and beat him up all the time. D was friendly from the beginning.  His purr is small as his heart is big. He loves to be held like a baby and loves to play with toys. Brother D has this favorite  chirping  bird toy  that I always try to play with but he always  takes it back. He is babyish with the humans but motherly with us cats. Darnell is the acrobat in the family, climbs on everything, he even fell out of a window once and hurt his paw. The humans are carefull now not to leave windows open. He doesn’t look like he is a big cat but he is all muscles. Mom tells me when Fin and Darnell met they must have remembered each other because they stared romping around together on the first day. They are real brothers. 

They both love to chew boxes and rip up paper bags. They are very loud when they play at night. They run after each other, jump on each other and sometimes almost strangle each other. They always clean each other and now they clean me. They let me bite them all the time. I have sharp little teeth but  they dont mind.

I am so happy they excepted me into the family. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.


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