Lately  I am very curious. I snoop around the house and find new things to get in to.When I found the water I splashed around till I was soaked. Everything is new to me, I get exited and scared  all at the same time.

I have learned  the basic tricks, now its time to learn more difficult ones.

Mom started giving me chicken as my treat, I like chicken. I am trying to roll over now,   this might take a while. Fin thinks this is funny, he stands over me watching and then eats my chicken.

The humans gave us a tree branch to climb in the house, we love it!

Mom didn’t spend a lot of time with me this weekend, she had human things she had to do. I sat by the door thinking she was going to take me with her but she didn’t and I didn’t get to go outside for a walk  because of the rain. I played with Fin most of the weekend, D just watched us chase each other he played hard to get.

I did a few old tricks Monday morning, I really know them well now. The roll over trick is hard. I did it one time and mom was really happy but she isn’t sure if I need to know this trick . She needs to do more research on what I need to know to be a model.

We only have a week left before I go to New York City to meet the agent. I hope I make it.


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