I am very happy to meet new friends on this blog. I want to share some of them with you, maybe they can be your friend too.

 My favored so far is the veterinarian.

Dr. Rayya is the kind of human my mom loves. My mom isn’t very stong when it comes to animal stories. Even the ones that end well, she will cry like a  baby. Mom just can’t imagine animals suffering. Dr. Rayya writes a lot about helping  animals. Mom is always crying. You can tell Dr. Rayya  loves all the animals she helps. I wish there were more people like her in the world. If she wasnt so far away, she would be my vet. 

I  have a friend in NYC that makes movies.

 He has a cat named Sweety, she is getting older but still has lots of spunk left in her. He’s a good dad to Sweety. Mom really likes  them.  Maybe the next movie he makes he can find a part for me. There’s always a part for a cute kitten.

One of  my  friends  is a cat named Jasper. We havent met yet. Our moms are friends. Next time mom goes there to visit she will take me with her. Jasper goes outside with out a leash, he is very smart, he never runs away. He went across the street once and panicked, he never did that again. He looks like Fin. His mom is way cool.


I also like a lady named  Bonnie who  makes Memory Bears.

She is another great human who loves to help.

I already introduced you to Nora.

She is my cougar, I watch her video and meow to it sometimes.

Most of my human friends have cats  that live with them.  My mom has a dog at her house now. The dog is very old, that’s why I can’t go there to visit. Mom is afraid I would make the dog feel bad . I was there one time and I found moms closet. I couldn’t help myself, I chewed some shoes. I’m only allowed in her  back yard  now.

Mom had two other dogs, they are in heaven now. She misses them. Her one dog Elvis a Border Collie  had a famous brother Shorty whose parents are Hollywood actors. They took pictures for magazine covers with Shotry  and opened a diner  in  town  named after him. I think Elvis had a better life then Shorty. Shortys parents were always traveling  for movie roles and he got left behind with the help. Mom never left Elvis.  Her other dog Jack was a German Shepard, he bit a lot of people.

  I want to thank everyone for their  support and kind words .  I know I didn’t mention everyone,  but don’t worry I will not forget you when I am a famous cat.


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