It finally stopped raining  and I was taken for a walk. I know I’m a cat but I really do enjoy going out for a walk. I follow mom and only give her a hard time if I really want to go one way and she wants to go the other way. Every time I get back inside the other two cats pick on me for a while. It’s like they can’t wait till I get back to smell me, clean me, chase me and drink my milk.

That pushy Fin is gonna get it one day, I am getting bigger.

All three of us  love, love , love Bonito flakes,( you can get them at Whole Foods, cheaper than the pet store)  as always Fin  finishes  first and goes into my dish.


I am so good at doing the tricks that I learned, its getting kind of boring. I hope mom can come up with something new for me to learn. We  are getting ready to see the agent next week, I must practice every day, but when I am bored, I get sidetracked and want to play, that can’t be good.

We will do a video soon so everyone can see how smart I am.


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