normal day

Today I played a guitar.

It  made a lot of noise. My face vibrated when I chewed on the strings. I liked it. 

Mom came back from playing tennis and I found where she hides her  balls.


She didn’t like me chewing on her tennis gear,  she made me pose for pictures. I hope she doesn’t think I will be the next Chanel Sport  model. Karl doesn’t like cats.

I found  some other things to chew. Mom gets mad when I steal her stuff. I don’t care. I keep doing it.

Fin was  like my shadow today.  He just  had to know where I was, what I was doing.

I can play with Fin for hours, he never hurts me.

He lets me bite him. I clean him first.

 Darnell on the other hand will take me down . He is very good at cleaning me and sleeping with me, playing nice, not so much. Somehow I survive.

The three of us really like playing in boxes.

After we make a mess, Fin and I like to take a nap.

Sometimes D joins us.

Darnell makes  a mess all by himself.

He shredded that box in five minutes.

Mom put me in her bag and we went to her house. If it wasnt for the old dog there, I would visit more often. I like her house. Lots of  things to chew.

Look how big I’m  getting. Chicken must be working for me.

Mom spoke to an agent this morning and learned lots of interesting things. I will share them with you tomorrow.


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