how to get into cat modeling

 Cat modeling is a fun way to earn some extra cash to offset some of the expenses of owning a cat. It takes a well-trained cat, plenty of patience and loads of luck. You won’t get rich, but you’ll have some fun with your cat.

1.The Cat

Let’s face it, your cat better be cute. Certainly everybody thinks their cat is cute and every job requires just the right cat, but more often than not they’re going to want a certain look. And it’s probably not an ugly cat.

They say black colored cats  don’t make the best models because they don’t photograph well.


Step 2: Training

Your cat needs to be well-trained. No photographer is going to put up with a cat chewing up the toy and peeing on the bed. Your cat needs to be able to hold a sit and a down  position and respond to basic commands. If you really want to get good at cat modeling, train your cat to do very specific commands, like step forward, put their head down, back up, touch something, etc. These will come in handy when a photographer is working to get just the right look.

Some obedience schools offer modeling classes, and while these aren’t required it is a great way to learn what the professional cats learn.


Step 3. Head shots

This is actually how you get into cat modeling. Just like with humans, agents will put together books of head shots to shop around to clients. The clients simply go through the book and find the cat they want. The agent calls you up and you’re in business..

Getting an agent and getting into an agent’s book of head shots may be the hardest part. 

 Try contacting  your state’s film board and ask for a list of animal acting agencies and start calling.

 If the agent wants  money for head shots, keep looking.  Do not pay the agent, it’s a scam just like with human modeling, do not pay them.  It is in the agents best interest to get your cat jobs so they get paid. If you want to go get head shots on your own, that’s up to you. If the agent believes they can make money from your cat, they will send you to get head shots.


Step 4. Be patient

Just because they  have your cats headshot  in the book,  doesn’t mean the phone will start ringing.
And if you do get a call, just have fun.. enjoy it while it lasts and don’t expect to retire and live off your cat.

5. A Little Levity

If you’re going to get into cat modeling, you need a little levity. I mean,we’re cats and we’re modeling. How weird is that?


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  1. Loved every picture – sent on to my favorite cat Tiny – she only has one eye – not very photogenic but sweet – tried to get her inspired but she only wanted her treats.

    (My favorite blogger athingirl sent this on to me) she knew i would enjoy it and I did. Thanks

  2. MY cat is cute, for sure! 🙂
    Ah, but these pics – what attitude & style & beauty…. they are absolute (gorgeous) stars 🙂 LOVE them!

  3. Oh wow, my Billy would be perfect for this. Every vet falls in love with him, he’s a big mush and he’d be able to sit still for hours. He actually modeled for an artist once. And the good news, animals don’t age. No one knows he’s 19 🙂

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