princess kitty

Have you heard of  Princess Kitty?  They say she was the smartest cat ever. She knew 100 tricks.

 She traveled around doing live performances at schools and hospitals with these two crazy cat ladies, who tortured her by dressing her in costumes.,45654/

After seeing this, ( before I even get an agent or a job) I need to set some rules. 

List of rules and demands


2. Warm food twice a day (+treats) no starving me

3. Travel first class only

4. Residuals and health insurance.

5. 15 min. 3 times a day work days (20 min. 4 times a day if its fun)

6. must always be fun

7.   naps three times a day

8. play time

9. mom is always on the set with me

10.NO OUTFITS (ever) ((not even a hat))

I was scared after I saw that video, I don’t want to do that.  Poor Kitty. Bad humans.

Most animal actors you see on tv are not pets, they have wranglers who train and take care of them. Once in a while you get a Morris the cat or Princess Kitty who are just pets and become famous. I want to be a Morris. I sure don’t want to be a Princess Kitty.

We stopped by a film shoot, to try to expose me to film production sets, but I was really scared. It was really loud and people wanted to pet me. I was shaking. I need to get out more and socialize. Always working…

Mom talked to, and sent e mails to a bunch of agents. We are going Monday to see a guy, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Mom will talk to him again before we go, to make sure he just doesn’t want our money. I just need to get my paw in the door.

Most of the agents  mom spoke to want us to pay them to put my picture in their book. We know better, we’ll just have to keep looking. There has got to be some legitimate agents out there.


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