new trick

 Now I am learning how to touch things on command. Not as easy as you’d think.

I’m not a fan of this trick yet, I don’t want to touch things,  maybe mom is doing something wrong.

I was told  it will help me get jobs, so I’m trying. If I don’t get it after a few days, mom needs to move on.

We went to my favorite pet store, Brookdale Pet Center to get some food, (they let me run around in there) and I found the birds in the back.

 I want one.

Mom found a new food that we really love. It’s called Cats in the Kitchen by Weruva. It was inspired by 3 rescued cats WEbster, RUdi and VAnessa (WeRuVa) that were picky eaters. The humans Stacie and David that made it, knew that cats are carnivores and don’t have a strong drive to drink water, so the formula has high quality protein with hydration. It is BPA and grain free and meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO. They don’t make a kitten formula but I always get a taste, I gobble it.  Fin and Darnell  lick up all the sauce first then eat the rest.  We only had a few flavors so far, but my favored is the Pumpkin Jack Splash. It  helps with hairballs. For dinner we will have the Chick Magnet, it’s chicken and mackerel in gravy. If I only had thumbs.

When we finally got our dinner. We didn’t even talk.

After dinner me and the boys were so fat and happy.

Mom  had to ruin it by making me study.

Come on, let me relax with the boys.

I wasnt into doing too many tricks today. Maybe an obedience class is not a bad idea.  


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