nothing is what it seems

 When mom puts the harness on me, I purr. I know we are going for a ride in the car. I like looking out the window. Sometimes we play games.

But today she took me for a bike ride . I didn’t like it.

I wasnt sure if this was a real human.

I had to sniff and jump on him a few times. Mom didn’t  let me chew on him, he was a stunt double  in the X-Files movie. I got one bite in, mom was too slow with the camara.

I wasnt sure if this was a real hole.

I knew he wasnt a real mouse.

I knew he wasnt a real dog.

I thought mom was calling a real agent, but he wanted an annual fee to represent me.

The contest my pictures were chosen for, want you to give them your e-mail to send you spam  to vote. At least they don’t want money.  

The book kind of looks  legitimate.

  New Microsoft Word Document

Is everybody a crook out there?

Just when I started to relax.

Fin wanted to play.

So I gave him “Trouble”.

He let me win.

I’m not giving up yet. I’m young and still learning. We have time to find me an agent.


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  1. Thanks for the likes on my posts–Koda & Ike appreciate it. Cute blog…and I’m quite impressed that your cats are so cooperative (at least they seem to be) with all the pics. Kudos…very cute.

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