the purrfect storm

Before the hurricane hit, we went to moms house to get extra supplies.

Found some interesting things,

even got into her closet again,

is that fur?

Back home me and the boys played.

We all took a nap.

Then the storm came.

The big guys got scared.

I was ok.

To distract everyone, I put on a show,

it worked. They weren’t scared anymore.

Then I chewed some film,

scratched some records,

drank my milk,

(untill Fin came around)

And the hurricane passed.

I hope all the homeless animals were safe.


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  1. Wow, Jimmie, stupendous job managing the storm! You in a box? Perfection. You in a hoop? Olympic-caliber. Everything else? HEAD-BUTT!! TAIL-WRAP! You are my kind of cat like totally. –Bugs

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