and the claws come out

We looked up some of the “famous cats” on the internet. The cats that have millions of followers, (we don’t want to name names) have  humans that are professional photographers, writers, bloggers. They all have Facebook pages. They Tweet. The cats  just lay around looking cute in boxes. (We all look cute in boxes.)

I lost my confidence…

My human is a fashion victim who can barely hold a camera, types like a child, has a speling problem and doesn’t want to Tweetter. Dont get me wrong, I’m happy for the other cats, and I like sharing  my journey to stardom, but where are my fans? I guess I will have to win everyone over the old fashion way, talent and hard work. The sky is full of stars, and they all shine.

Time to retract the claws and share what I did the last few days.

I nailed my old tricks,  


Practiced the new “touch” trick.

Untill Fin interrupted.

Survived an earthquake and a hurricane.

Went for a walk around town.

Took in some sights.

(Found one fan).

Went to the park.

Met the Brookdale Pet Centers mascot Brook.

Enjoyed some Bonito flakes.

(Fin never shares his)

Took lots of naps.

Played with my balls.


 Untill Fin interrupted.

Looked for Darnell.

Found my own Darnell.

  Darnell interrupted.

I got to chew the tail. 

Untill Fin interrupted.

I went for a ride to the store. (I didn’t like waiting in the car).

I got my work out in.

Enjoyed a catnip cupcake.

Took a good look in the mirror.

(I need a boy mirror)

 Found my confidence! ( just need a better camera)


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  1. I agree with Barb… those are some awesome pics! You guys are very photogenic. My human isn’t very good with photography either but then she has a photogenic dog… woo woo!

    I gotta come back and check you guys out!

    PS: If you’d ever like to be guests on my blog, I’d be happy to oblige!

  2. With all those awesome skills of yours? I say, who needs twitter! Wordpess is better anyway. Jimmie would you be interested in doing a guest post on my blog? Lets get you introduced to the world. 😉

  3. We know about working cats on the farm. Haven’t met one in the city.

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday and liking our post.

  4. Jimmie, you and I seem to have so much in common! I, too, live with 2 sibs, Cole and Adele. I, too, am so cute that my slave, uh, girlfriend, uh, housemate, Karen, can’t stop taking pictures of me. She’s also trying to teach me to walk on a harness so we can go places. You make it look so easy, but I can’t seem to shake the creepy feeling whenever I wear it that I’m being followed.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog today. Happy to return the favor. Do you mind if I add you to our blogroll?


  5. Luv your blog Jimmie! I read it with my kitties, MeiMei and Sunni. The are slightly envious of your career, but not interested in the work to get where you are. I tell them “no pain, no gain” but they only want the treats. Please continue to inspire them!

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