two boring days

Today I practiced my “guest appearance” trick for another blog, (so exciting, I have an interview coming up too)

Fin had to distract me, as always.

I’ve been studying the “touch” trick for about a week, I don’t always do it.

Darnell does it.

I do other cute things.

Darnell is starting to get in the way now.

Darnell and Fin are going to have to go to another room soon. I can’t work like this.

What did these cats do before I moved in?

I needed a moment to myself.

 Mom followed.

This was fun for about 5 min.

Yesterday, I practiced holding props.

Fin didn’t think that was a good idea.

He wanted to chew the props.

I can do that.

I went out for a walk.

Found where mom keeps the cat nip cup cake stash.

Makes me crazzzy, I love it.

I “touched” it!!

Mom worked on the computer, as I took a nap. Until I interrupted!

Boring two days.

Except for the cat nip cup cake.


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