chew list (part two) the designer edition

Mom no longer thinks I’m adorable.


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  1. OMG!! I love this post.

    I can tell you some HORROR stories that involve my ridiculously over-priced wardrobe, my vast collection of beloved designer shoes, cat claws, massive amounts of cat hair, dog teeth, and cat pee.

    Needless to say, some of my favorite pieces have been given the Cat Treatment, and trust me, it ain’t purty.

    Did I tell you about the time the dogs ATE my Joan & David crocodile loafers?

    I can sooo relate. But who can get mad at kitties? Not me! They can piss on my Walter Steiger shoes anytime!

  2. So understand all the shoes and all the chews adorable as they are; the crux of the matter is your FAVorite shoes always get messed up the most = been there.
    Really enjoying this journey.

  3. Gorgeous photos again 🙂 I love it when a cat’s eyes look crazy & they’re halfway doing something. What a life they have!

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  5. You are a kitteh with expensive tastes my lovely! And why not 🙂 You are beautiful after all so deserve beautiful things! X x x

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