is everyone mad?

 Since mom put Fin in the other room, (so I could study in peace) he has been ignoring me.

I tried to reach out, it got me nowhere.

 I tried to be playful. He still ignored me.

 Mom thought if we all took a nap, everything would be better.

The boys didn’t agree. They left me hanging.

Mom thinks I had something to do with her missing earing. (She has no proof)

 To make me feel better, mom took me to the pet store.

To look for new treats.

I found a new friend.

When we got home and I got my milk, Fin finally came around.

He could not wait to help me drink it.

 I let him finish it,

 we are friends again. That was easy.

Darnell was harder to break. He had an attitude all day.

But I got him.

My pack was back.

Then mom and I started our training session. I have to practice for my first “live appearance” coming up.

But Darnell was up to his old tricks.

I asked him to leave.

But he hissed at me,

and wacked  me. 

When Fin joined him on the “set’,  I knew my training day was over, and

mom was still looking for her earing everywhere, so I gave up.



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