I was bored, mom didn’t visit me yesterday.

I didn’t know what to do.

 This morning we spent some time studying.

But I was running out of ideas.

So we went to moms house for inspiration.

I like her house. (except for the dog)

Mom bought us a food maze, she thought that might be fun. She made sure our paws couldn’t get stuck in the holes, and we are not allowed to play with it unattended. She read about things made in China.

Fin was the first to figure it out,

I watched and learned.

Every time Fin got a treat to come down, I ate it.

Darnell was smart, he figured out level two.

But I was the smartest.

I even had fun with the box.

I am such an inspiration to my friends and neighbors that one of them went and adopted Emma, or is it Karma.

We can’t tell them apart yet.

Today was our first date, we are taking it slow.

Every model/actor needs beautiful girlfriends.

We will be cat sitting them next month, can’t wait!!


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  1. Thoe, the puppycat thanks you for the “Liike” and is happy you read his mom’s first post. After reading yours, I am going to start putting my claws down. The blog has my name on it and I am going to write it. What do you think?

    You have ragdoll kitties. I used to be that cute. Love the blue eyes. Jimmie Chew, is it? How did you get to be so fabulously artistic? Are you selling those or can I maybe win one for my site? Maybe be the guest blogger/painter? Is Jimmie one of those boy names for girls? Just wondering cause it isn’t easy to tell by pictures.

    See ya. Bedtime. Thanks again.

    • I am a boy cat! i got the name by chew’n all mums stuff! we are not selling anything, but have’n a contest to win something would be fun, thanx. I would love to have a guest blogger/painter, lets think of something! =^.^=

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