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I have been working on the choreography for my first  “live appearance”.

It is scheduled for next month at a local day care center. All the paper work from the parents is almost in. I will have a stage to perform on. The kids will not be able to touch me.(good) I am excited, and scared.

 With Fin still interrupting, 

 We had to practice in the kitchen.

Yesterday, we went to the vet to get the rest of my shots. Mom has been kind of confused on when to get me “fixed”, so many conflicting opinions out there. 

Some fruit loop in the waiting room asked if I was going to be de clawed. Crazy lady.

I snooped around Dr. Katz office before she came in.

I don’t think I mind going to the vet.

(I weigh 3.30 lbs.)

We talked to the doctor, she gave mom some great advise on how to take even better care of me.

 I got my shot and my treat.

Then mom went back to the pet store and got me the attachments for the food maze.

I got the massage center and the speed circuit.You can set up the speed circuit a bunch of different ways. The ball lights up. I played for hours. HOURS!!!

Some cat nip on the massage center and I was in heaven.


Fin also really enjoyed it.

Darnell wasn’t that impressed.

 When it was time for bed, mom put everything away. I fell asleep trying to open the door to get to the toys.


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  1. Fruit Loop AKA Numb Nuts. De-clawing, really! What a suggestion! Hey, Numb Nuts, did you come here today to have your FINGERS CUT OFF? Those silly humenz, when will they ever learn?

  2. You’re such a remarkable cat, Jimmie! You’re so accomplished, I didn’t realize you were still a kitten.

    Declawing is sad. 😦

    I’m having the same trouble deciding when to get Sprocket “fixed” too. He has had two surgeries already (to amputate his leg), and the doctor would have done the “fixing” at the same time because he was over two pounds. But I wanted to wait, I just don’t know how long to wait. I think you must be about the same size as Sprocket. He was just over 3lb last I checked.

    • My vet told me to do it next month, but we are going to wait till he is about 7,8 months old. I read that most vets do it too soon, the kitten needs to develope emotionallly and skeletally. How is Sprocket feeling?

      • Maybe I will wait till 7-8 months too. I also heard that waiting longer can decrease the risk for urinary tract issues. How old is Jimmie Chew?

        Sprocket is doing great. There is just a teeny bit that needs to heal. He’s so playful, you’d never guess that he had major surgery. He has been confined to one room for 5 weeks now, and he can’t wait to get out of his collar.

        You have the coolest toys!

      • Jimmie is about 4 months old (he was found outside, the vet thinks thats how old he is)
        So glad Sprocket is doing great!!! You are the BEST human a cat could ever own!!

      • Awww, thanks! Sprocket must be about the same age as Jimmie. He, too, was found outside.

        I’ve meant to compliment Jimmie on his wonderful tummy markings.

  3. good day Jimmie! You look so cute in that there weight scale basket.ANd that toy!! wow!

    I just wanted to let you know that your guest post is now posted. Yay! 😀 Thank you again.

  4. I have never seen a massage center and now I regret that my kitty is an elder (18 uears) because if he was younger I may have bought him one. I’m sure your first appearance will go well. I also enjoyed reading your guest post and viewing the pictures. Best wishes to you in all you do.

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