I am not a fan of the little humans. Mom and I both have to learn how to get along with them. If we plan on performing at the day care center, we need to learn fast. This might not have been one of moms brightest ideas.

 The little human that wouldn’t let me nap, has learned to respect and play nice with me.

She is very polite, gentle and loving with me now.

I had so much fun playing with her.

Untill Darnell interrupted.

She gave me hope.

 There is no hope for me to study with out interruptions.

Mom isn’t a pro at training cats, this was her first time.

She had so much fun teaching me tricks, she thought other humans would have fun teaching their cats, so

we did a tutorial on how to jump through a hoop. I hope everyone tries it.

Cats really do like to learn.


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  1. I love those long grey arms sticking out willy nilly from the paper bag! Maybe next time you could do a demonstration at a school? Don’t forget to give out ‘I love Jimmie’ buttons. 🙂

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