teenage weekend

 I was very defiant this weekend.

I wanted my get my treats,

without doing my tricks.

Mom was a pushover, I got my treats without doing my tricks.

All I wanted to do was bite and chew.

Darnell decided my new toy was his new bed.

 Mom called the pet store,

 to see if they had any more attachments for the toy.

So we could both fit.

(Honestly, we had more fun with the box).

Mom also got us a ball that dispenses treats when you push it around. 

We could not get it away from Fin.

I was a real gentleman and lent my toy to my new girlfriends, while I went to moms house. (they don’t like me yet, but they liked the toy)

I loved snooping around moms house.

I got to snoop in her closet while she got ready.

She started changing her closet over to the fall/winter season,

she almost lost me in that mess.

 (looks like she is collecting evidence for “Chew List” part 3)

I was very patient (for a cat) waiting for her to get ready.

I waited,

and waited…

I wanted to go out side.

 I checked on the old dog.

 She looks good for 17 1/2.

Finally we went for a walk.

We went to the playground to practise “liking” the little humans, but they weren’t there.

Back at my house I tortured my brothers.

(Darnell didn’t want to play with me).

 I got caught stealing.

I climbed where I wasn’t allowed to climb.

To chew what I wasn’t allowed to chew.

(I ran when I got caught)

I stuck my nose into things I shouldn’t have.

 Fell asleep where I was in everyones way.

I must be going through my rebellious teenage period. (Or it was just too much cat nip this weekend.)


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  1. Your home is absolute cat heaven – they are so lucky to have you! Love your blog, it always makes me smile. Your dog is 17 1/2 – WOW. Looked like a sweet old thing.

  2. Jimmie, that blue and white tunnel toy you have looks fabulous. Can you tell me what it’s called? I thought we had everything here, but apparently Karen has missed something. Now I know what I’m going to ask Santa Claws to bring me for my first Christmas!


  3. You know Jimmie, switching over closets is very serious business. I know.

    As far as Darnell snubbing you, just act aloof and you’ll see how quickly he’ll com-a-callin.
    Men, they’re all the same – 2 legs, 4 legs, a centipede.


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