A boring week

 Mom has been a little busy with her human stuff this week, I’ve been busy doing my cat stuff. She did come by a few times just to play with us, but I have not studied this week at all. I hope I don’t forget everything I’ve learned. We will get back to our training this weekend.

The other day Fin and I saw a reflection from moms mirror,

We had so much fun chasing it,

that mom thought the reflection from a disco ball would be more fun for us to chase.

Nope, it was just more confusing, Fin gave up.

Darnell can amuse himself.

Fin just wants treats.

I need constant brain stimulation. Mom created a little monster.

She did take me for a ride this week.

And a walk.

The little human came by to play with me.

(I was a natural)

 I am no longer just an average cat.

I still enjoy my kitten milk every night,

with Fin behind me,

waiting to finish it, every time.

I am too smart to just lay around, get fat, and do nothing. That’s not an option for me. I cant wait to get back to my training.


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  1. I can’t believe how much your gorgeous cats get to live – so much stimulation. It’s absolutely gorgeous you have a few of them, must cost a bit to feed! I’d love to visit your home, lie on the floor and let them all play all over me. GOOOOOOOOORGEOUS

  2. I was just thinking Jimmie how lucky you are to have Fin, but that Darnell. There’s always one pain in the litter, isn’t there?

    I too need ‘brain stimulation’. It’s a weighty responsibility to be curious and interested in the world around you.

    As far as all that milk goes, glad you’re getting your calcium. Reminds me, I need to take mine.


  3. Great to see your “boring” week included a lot of fun – a walk AND a car ride. Lucky you, Jimmie.

    Dropping by on the blog hop today and I’ll be leaving soon to go work at an adoption event to help homeless dogs and cats find their forever owners.

    Have a terrific, fun-filled weekend.

  4. Hey Jimmie! I really enjoy your blog and thus am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you accept the nomination, please go to my blog to accept your award. You have to do a few things, but nothing illegal 😉

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