How I learned to walk on a leash

First I wore the harness around the house for about 15 min. 2, 3 times a day, for 2 days.

The first time I went out side, I just laid on the ground.

 It took me a few days to get comfortable with the outside sounds and smells.

After a few days of just lying around, mom pulled a string in front of me to motivate me to move.

It worked.

I thought I was hunting.

Then I started walking against walls only.

(I think I felt safer)

After a few days of following the string, I was brave enough to start sniffing around,

and digging.

Going out when it got dark was the best part.

I got to do cat things .

After about a week,

 I was walking mom.

I always got treats or kitten milk when I came back home for being a smart kitty.

 Darnell always cleaned me for some reason.(still does)

After a good long walk, I always took a good long nap.

Mom thought about getting a book to help her teach me, but turned out she didn’t need to.

Fin and Darnell are next!


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  1. I enjoyed reading about you learning to walk on a leash. I’ve tried to teach my kitty, Alex, to but she always just lies down as you did. Maybe we’ll try again thanks to your inspiration.
    Oh your photos are lovely, too. You’re such a beautiful cat. Darnell is, as well.

  2. More kitty adventures! I don’t know how you held the leash when he was up the tree? The night walks sound the best – another great blog, Jimmie Chew!

  3. Wow! I am very impressed by your talent and bravery. I think my Chun is too much of a scaredy-cat to go outside, but I have hopes that Sprocket will enjoy going for walks. I plan to start teaching him in the springtime. He still needs to get his kitten shots and he only just got out of his collar. Winter is so long… 😦 I will have to follow your suggestions when I finally get to take him outside.

    You are quite a handsome tree-climber! And you are so sweet snuggling with Darnell!

  4. I was wondering where you got your walking harness from? And the long leash! They don’t have harnesses like that here in NZ and would love to get a couple like the one you wear! 🙂

    • The leash is a Flexi mini (for dogs) and the harness also for dogs but there is no name on it.
      We got them both from Petco. Look on line, I am sure you will find it. Good luck taking 4 cats for a walk:)

  5. That is awesome and a great primer on how to do it. Mom still wants to try it with some of us. We think we will nominate Mozart. Mom has walked cats when she has gone to Best Friends and it is lots of fun.

  6. You know Jimmie, you are a very smart kitty. Not every cat can walk on a leash with such aplomb and confidence.

    It will help you with your runway walk.

    And that Darnell, I may have misjudgded him. He can be very sweet sometimes.


  7. Jimmy you did great! Give your humans a special purr for being such thoughtfull caretakers. Letting you get comfortable. oh my…I just pictured something. I have never ever seen 3 cats on a leash walking at the same time before.

  8. That last picture is adorable! Do you ever get back inside after a walkabout and regret not staying out longer? I’ve thought about teaching my kitties to walk on the leash, but am afraid they would cry at the door to be let out, or try to dash out the door sans leash when the whim struck.

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