Its good to be a ME

This week I worked on my Livestrong campaign for The Cat’s Meow blog,

who I met on Cat Blogosphere.

 (Fin helped)

I went pumpkin picking.

 Got some corn.

I didn’t care for it. Darnell and Fin loved it!

D got mad when mom took it away.

He took his anger out on the big box.

(Fin helped)

My big box was destroyed.

Mom gave me a new box.

That only I could fit into.

(and my toy)

I played with my speed circuit.

Hung around the massage center.

Went to the park.

Played with the little humans toys.

I snooped on the new neighbors across the street.

I practiced some of my choreography for the Day Care Center show,

untill D interrupted.

I took my prop,

and went to play in my busted up big box.

The Cat Chanel picked me as one of the coolest cats. I registered to compete to win money for a shelter of my choice at Dog Time Media.

I picked out my Christmas gifts.

 We finally got our info from The Delta Society, I don’t think we will be joining, they want US to pay THEM for Me to volunteer. (?)

I sent this photo to the not a crazy cat lady lady,  she is having sort of a contest. (hopefully she will draw me again) I love her drawings.

It was a good week.



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  1. Hey, thanks for visiting me, I’m working on my LiveStrong post too. Y’all sure have been busy and I’m quite impressed with those box ripping skills. Have a totally wonderful weekend!!!

  2. You know Jimmie, I am becoming more and more impressed at how diverse you are. Not every model reads, I can tell you that, and you seem interested in everything.

    I love the shot of you pumpkin shopping. Orange is a very good color for you.

    Congrats on your recent award. You are truly the ‘cats meow.’


  3. LOVE the claws out in the second photo 🙂 Oh, what a life these cats have!! I wish I knew boxes were such a treasure to a cat, when I had mine. I didn’t know they eat corn either. Your kitties are gorgeous. Another great blog, Jimmie Chew 🙂

  4. Your cats are fabulous! ( & with less catitude than mine). Like the photoblog idea….the cat blog I saw & was referring to was based on a cat mocking its owner on a daily basis “today she did this or that, shes so silly”. Thanks for stopping by!

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