My big shoe

It was a long week. Mom only came by to feed us and pet us.( she was working)

I haven’t practiced my tricks, (my live appearance is next week, I better start.)

Rumpy had a Micropoetry challenge a few days ago,

Micropoetry consists of 140 characters or less.

 As I was documenting my week, it started turning into a poem with pictures.

So I tried to make it into a Micropoem, called MY BIG SHOE.

I got a big shoe,

 it was hard to chew

 I had fun,

 nap’d when done.



 I stole the toy, I was mad  Gave it back, he was sad.

We read to poem 100 times, I think it’s a Micropoem.

I was honored with an Award from Pedro.

Thank You Pedro. I will pass it on next week.

I have to practise my tricks now.


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  1. Now I’m a really big fan of shoes and that zebra number of yours has me drooling.

    Jimmie, you are very fashion conscious and as a model I admire and appreciate you for keeping in step so to speak.

    It was nice you gave the toy back, you old softie you


  2. This big shoe is awesome awesome awesome! It’s so great. I’d love one, a house and many cats! Please, oh life! 🙂

    What adventures you furry babes get up to, oh sigh.

    Another award – so cool. I’m loving your page.

  3. Wow, that is the biggest and coolest shoe we ever saw. We liked the poem. Thanks for stopping by to visit our blog. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. O’K, I’ll probably ask something stupid now, but I still will, because I’m too curious – what IS this shoe? Is it specially for cats? Is it a piece of furniture? No doubt it’s one great thing!

      • Thank you!
        Wow, you noticed the connection between Usyaka’s name and the whiskers word faster than I did, I think 🙂 I’ve been living with Usyaka for 3 years and only recently I realized it sounded similar to “Us”(a whisker). It’s an obvious question now but again I’m too curious – do you speak Russian? :))

        But returning to you question – no, her name came from her official name Ultra. Those days I had a habit of giving everybody new names by adding “yaka” ( no idea why, but it just happened every time) so I had lots of friends around whose new names started sounding similar to Usyaka.

        That huge shoe is a find! It does look like a great chair but it’s just a perfect game zone for a cat. It actually looks much safer than all the cats’ trees I saw (not sure what the right name is – those tall constructions for cats to climb up). I would definitely get one for Usyaka.

        I’m very happy you like my cat!
        See you around in the blogs!

      • Yes I speak Russian, (not as well as I’d like) and i forgot how to read Russian (I was 8 when we came to the USA)
        you lived in Russia, that must of been soo cool!! i will go there one day.
        I have a friend going at the end of the month, can you tell him where to go, what to see??
        He is going to Kieve

  5. Hi there, Jimmie. Not sure if you’ve stopped by to read my blog recently, but i just wanted you to know that you won our competition! We need you to contact us to tell us who you’d like the tickets to go to by the end of the week. Congratulations on your big win!

  6. Ella, replies seems to be limited for one thread of comments so I’m answering here. What an interesting story that is, that you started reading in Russian ( as far as I understand) and then things changed. I’m always curious about such stories as I was studying linguistics some time ago.
    Ella, I don’t really want to disappoint you or to hurt your feelings but although I did use to live in Russia (and I am Russian) I didn’t enjoy the process any single bit and am very happy to be out of there. Now, I’ve met some people who are fans of Russia, both Russian and foreign, and thus it means there is undoubtedly something to love about Russia, but it just didn’t happen to me. That’s why I could never answer the question ‘what to see in Russia’. Unfortunately, I can’t advise anything to your friend. You asked about Kiev and while that’s ex-USSR it’s not Russia, it’s Ukraine. I’ve never been to Kiev but I went to Odessa ( another city there) once and enjoyed it so I think the place might be really interesting. I hope your friend will have fun. 🙂

    • So wild, that is where my family is from Odessa, my friend is going there to try to meet a wife:)
      I hope he is safe, my mother said the same thing as you, she was glad to be out of there!
      yes i read russian books when i was a kid, but now I cant 😦

      • Now, that is one crazy coincidence. We loved Odessa but we were there only for a few days and thus we saw only the touristic part of it. My friend took a taxi and went for a ride around the town and said it was literally falling apart.

        I don’t know much about the criminal situation there but of course your friend will have to take some precautions but I don’t think it will be crazily dangerous.

        Your friend has quite a plan though. I’ve heard about things like that 🙂 I wish him luck!

        Don’t worry about your reading Russian skills. If you ever want them back you’ll get them although it will take some time and practice but it’s not impossible at all.

      • Yup – kitty crack. MeiMei is so into them, she lounges on the toilet set. That’s because mom gives us treaties when we use the toilet. So that silly MeiMei thinks if she just stays on the toilet, she’ll get tons of treaties. NOT!

      • Oh that is so funny. poor MeiMei she is addicted!!
        Our Fin is so loud when he wants more, he will meow for hours, we always give in and give him more.
        (Thank god its good for them)

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