Getting ready

Everyone is getting ready for Halloween.

I checked out what the neighbors were putting up this year.

Huge rats.

 Dead birds.

Lots of monsters.

Something was around every corner.

I wanted to get out of there!!  But I will be back, they are just getting started putting stuff up.

I went to the pet store, (I know where the birds are.)

Brook wanted to play with me.

She wouldn’t leave me alone.

I yelled at her.

She was confused, it’s usually all about her.

wanted needed to see the birds.

We paid for my food and on the way out met a parrot who needs a home.

If anyone is interested, please let me know. He needs a good home. His human is moving and can not keep him. He was a very nice parrot.

My humans always build us a fort when they know we will be home alone for a while.

Yesterdays fort was the best.

We went crazy.

(They also leave catnip on our massage center.)

We were so tired when the humans returned.

Mom found me with a runny nose.

And I sneezed a few times.

If I am still sneezing on Friday, I will not be doing my live appearance at the Day Care Center. I am not ready to face the little humans when I am sick. I hope they understand and reschedule me.


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  1. Gorgeous again 🙂 🙂
    I love it when he yelled at Brooke, and then Brooke’s face – that was funny! Oh, what a life. I’m living through your cats!

  2. Hey Jimmy, I hope you got over your cat flu symptoms. If you are still suffering from the snuffles, you must go see your vet and get it sorted. I absolutely enjoyed watching you stroll around and have a blast while on your leash 🙂

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