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We canceled my live appearance at the day care center. We will go back around Thanksgiving. I have been sneezing constantly and my eyes have been watery for a week now. I went to the vet and found out I have allergies.

The vet wrote me a prescription for Terramycin Ophth Ointment, so now I have to get this gooey medicine squeezed into my eyes twice a day, for a week.

I dont like it, but I think it’s making my eyes better.

I give mom a bit of a hard time putting it in, she is all scratched up from me fighting her.

My appetite hasn’t been the best, so to make me feel better mom made me some home-made cat food. She forgot to take pictures, but I swear we all really liked it. She will have to find the website again, it had lots of stuff she wants to try to make for us. The chicken with sardines was real good. Every human should make this for the kitty cats at least once a month. This is how we made it.

Chicken and Sardines Ingredients:

1 can sardines,mashed

 1 egg white

1/3 cup bread crumbs (we used whole grain)

 1 tablespoon brewer’s yeast ( didn’t know what that was for so we left it out)

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 boneless piece of chicken breast (organic)

 Directions: Mix mashed sardines, egg white, bread crumbs, and brewers yeast. (we left out the yeast and it was still good) Coat the mixture on your piece of chicken. Heat the olive oil on a frying pan. Place the piece of chicken on the frying pan, frying until golden brown. Turn it over and cook other side to golden brown. Cool before serving.

It was sooo good. (mom had a bite) Fin would have eaten all of it if mom didn’t stop him. We took a nice long nap together after our home-made treat.

 Fin has been forced to amuse himself since I havent been feeling well. He doesn’t like it, he always needs a partner to romp around with.

Darnell doesn’t care, he likes playing by himself .

I couldn’t see well with all the goop in my eyes, I kept sneezing and I looked terrible all week.

  Mom brought me her sun glasses display box,

but I couldn’t chew it and I couldn’t climb into it, so it was useless to me.

But today things are looking up, I am starting to play and my appetite is back.

 I am still sneezing a bit and my eyes are still a little watery.

 I am going back to the vet on Tuesday, I hope I am well by then so she doesn’t give me more medicine.  (Oh and I went up a pound since my last visit)

I wonder what I could be allergic to.


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  1. Tell Mom to wrap a towel around you like a barber while sitting on the floor behind you, then she can put the medicine in your eyes without being scratched. Feel Better Soon!

      • Good morning! Found you over at Pedro’s — if you do find the website, we’d love it. One of our cats, Calpurrnia, is allergic to flea bites, which is a mite inconvenient considering that the cat who adopted us through the cat door, BuddyBoop, brings fleas home with him!

        We will try that recipe–we put Brewer’s yeast on popcorn!

  2. Oh, I hope he’ll be fine soon. It’s always so horrible when they are ill, even when it’s not serious. I think it’s the hardest when they are ill, harder than when we ourselves are ill. But he’ll be fine. That’s good that he’s got all the medicines.

    Have you tried wrapping him in a duvet or a blanket ( but not too tight and not around the neck, just to fix his paws) so he wouldn’t scratch you?

    The picture where he’s reflected in the mirrored side of the box is hilarious.

    We wish you all lots of health!

  3. I’m sorry you’re unwell Jimmie. There seems to be something going around. As far as sardines go, I LOVE them, all those Omega 3s.

    Please try not to scratch your mother. How will she be able to sign your up and coming contracts if she’s all bruised and sore.

    Try to think ahead.

    From one model to another

  4. I wonder what you could be allergic to too, darling. Oh, get well. Mum’s doing a great job getting those drops into your eyes. Once my cat Zoon had an abcess and I had to dress it EEEEEK, and give Zoon a medicine. I was just no good at it (putting the medicine needle into her mouth) – so mum’s doing great 🙂 Love your pictures again, you crazy kitties!

  5. Oh Dog! Animals get seasonal allergies too! I am copying down your recipe and have slipped to Jen in hopes that she’ll take a hint. Hope you’re feeling better my friend!

  6. Bean is so late responding, surely you’re over that icky sickness thing, Jimmie? I hope so because I need to think of you bravely going where no cat has gone before (harness thing is just so cool you fearless dude you). Now. Two words, JC: 1. Brewer’s. 2. yeast. I can tell you, that taste just totally rocks. DVM Dr. Pitcairn knows this. He says: “[M]any animals love to have a little yeast sprinkled on top of their meals, much the way we enjoy a little parmesan cheese on top of pasta.” I would totally give him a head-butt because no way would my Bean ever dream of this without his help in that direction. Plus he says this: “[B]rewer’s yeast is higher [than nutritional yeast] in chromium, a trace mineral important in the use of sugar in the body.” So JC that’s the dealio. Feel better and bite and scratch your bean until you get that yeast-y goodness. Your friend, Bugs

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