My new bed

 Our kitty city condo is still under construction, but we were allowed to pick our beds today.

Fin got the top floor.

I picked the bottom floor.

Darnell got the middle.

Later Darnell decided to switch floor.

Then I wanted the top floor.(but Fin wouldn’t move)

I think I might like the middle anyway.It will be easier to bother both of them from here, (the names are temporary anyway, it will be first come, first sleep)

I love my new bed.

 There will be lots of toys hanging everywhere soon.

The condo will have wall to wall carpeting, the couch will be moved so Jimmie’s Gym can be built on the ground floor.

 The ground floor will also have a kitty city play land that we are designing now. It will have tunnels, ramps, scratching posts, climbing ropes, cat friendly plants, lots of boxes and a cat nip lounge. (with a water fountain?)

Since my friend Bugs explained to mom that Brewers yeast is good for us, she has been sprinkling a little bit of it on our food. (and her salad) I have to say, AMAZING. We will eat ANYTHING if the yeast is on it. (good to know for next time we need to take our meds) Brewers yeast is good for cats, dogs and humans. It has tons of vitamins and its high in chromium, a trace mineral important in the use of sugar in the body. (It’s a bit expensive, but I’m worth it.)

 The humans have been going to the gym every night, I try to go with them by hiding in the gym bag, but they always find me.  I am back on my training schedule. (I finally stopped sneezing)

 I am going to learn how to play the piano. (well touch the piano)


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  1. What a perfect bed! It is more of a toy/jungle gym than a bed. I can’t imagine how you will get any sleep with so much fun to have.

    I will have to research brewer’s yeast. I was told it is different from nutritional yeast, which is something that I eat quite often and has a sort of cheesy flavor. I’m glad you’re enjoying your food!

  2. Bugs would comment but he’s still licking the — nutritional yeast actually — off his whiskies. So while he’s doing that — and I join animalartist in wanting to keep this post away from him, because Bugs — or at least I — am already jealous enough of Jimmie for his harness-walking and raw outdoor courage abilities — let me, Bean Nadbugs, take over this comment and add to the knowledge about yeast. First I must say, though, how happy I am that Jimmie’s well again.

    Now about yeast. DVM Pitcairn says that it’s rich in B vitamins and minerals. It’s also very useful to entice finicky eaters, because of its flavor.

    Please everybody take care, though, not to overdo this. Pitcairn recommends making a mixture of yeast, calcium supplement, and garlic — apparently the concern is that too much yeast, all by itself, might adversely alter mineral balances. So he goes on to say that if you don’t want to fuss with the mixture, use yeast alone — but only a little.

    He explains that nutritional and brewer’s yeast are nutritionally the same, but nutritional — a/k/a torula — is specifically grown as a dietary supp; brewer’s is what’s left over from brewing beer. Either one works, depending on availability.

    He acknowledges that some people believe yeast causes allergies — he disagrees. He says allergies more likely come from other sources, and that an animal develops sensitivities not specifically tied to substances. So if allergies are an issue, keep changing the food, until the sensitivities kick in again, and then change again. (Sounds exhausting; my sympathies to all who must deal with this.)

    My source is: Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health For Dogs & Cats. Its pub-date is 2005. I’ve heard there’s more up-to-date info than his — but he has sure stood me very well so far.

  3. I can see by a handle in the photo, the condo is made of drawers – is it? How creative! You guys are so lucky there. Your human takes great care of you. Your days are always so adventurous, always something happening. Gorgeous kitties, ye all are 🙂

  4. Thank you for liking my drawing! If you have a few preferred pics, let me know, I’d be happy to give it a go. Your blog made me laugh, I document my own ordinary life the way you document a feline’s life. I’m also very pleased to meet another cat that loves a car trip or an adventure on a harness as much as my Bengal does!

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