sun spot

It was a tough couple of days with no power at mom’s house. The rain/snow storm on Sat. busted up her town pretty good, it still looks horrible. Most of the roads are closed because of the fallen trees, people still have no lights. (moms finally came on yesterday.) She didn’t have time to practice my tricks with me. She spent the last couple of days at her house taking care of the old dog and cleaning her stinky refrigerator.

So I played in my condo.

I played with the little human.

(I can really spin that)

I played with moms hat (when she came to visit.)

(and her boots.)

Her town even re scheduled Halloween. (like mom will still have candy left on Friday, Ha!!)

I tried modeling for Halloween pictures,

But I wasnt into it.

So instead we played with the disco ball.

Darnell looked like he had eye makeup on from the reflection.

I was enjoying the sun spot we get once a day,

when Fin interrupted.

I had to fight him for that sun spot.

 (I won.)

The next day, Fin was enjoying the sun spot.

(really enjoying it)

 I said “Hey remember yesterday bud”.

So he fought me for it,

(and won.)

I took my bottle cap, (that I so enjoy playing with)

and found a new sun spot.

I am so smart.


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  1. You are, indeed, “so smart”. Wonderful photos. Sorry about your power situation! We got hit with it here (southeastern PA) but I was lucky and only lost power for a very short while.

  2. It’s amazing you were able to get all of those photos. If my cat sees me looking at her or pointing a camera her way she’ll stop what she’s doing and walk towards me. I guess she’s more about love than photo shoots.

    • I know right? I’m lucky if I can get a decent shot. Have to catch ’em unawares lol.
      These pictures are just gorgeous. I never get tired of watching cats doing cute things 🙂

  3. Great post, under adverse conditions. You guys are the best. I love all but especially the one of Jimmie not into it, big tall cutie he’s turning into. Adorable.

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