I dont understand how that crazy cat Maru likes getting his head stuck in boxes.

I dont like it.

(playing IN a box I can understand.)


I figured out how to get moms attention when she’s working.

It works every time.

  She always takes me for a walk when I start causing trouble,

She promised I would never have to wear stupid outfits. (That didn’t last long.)

 I got a sweater

and a jacket this weekend.

I ran into Bentley on my walk, I swear he was making fun of me. As usual, when I come back home I get my kitten milk.

( as usual Fin is up my butt)

I think I dont mind wearing the sweater.

I even took a nap with it on.

Mom sent two cute photos of me sleeping, (when I was a baby) to the Seeping Kitties Blog, and they were published.!!


It was a good weekend!!


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  1. I really like your photos when you were little, Jimmie. Congrats! Simon did not like his little Boo-Bear he got when he was little (maybe because it wasn’t HelloKitty??) but he now has an orange Halloween bear he sleeps with that is about his size. I love your sweater! Very fashionable. Your human really looks after you well! Oh, Simon says to be careful where you stick your head. Take care!

  2. He’s adorable! I watch these pictures over and over again, what a beautiful beautiful boy!

    That sleeping kittens site said Jimmie is 5 months old. Is he that young? I thought he was older.

  3. Hi 🙂 love your name Jimmy Chew, its cute. Love the bit about the mewomoir too! Cats are so crazy I love them. They are so smart. P.S. you left a comment on my blog about a poem I posted. Just thought I’d return the favor. Hope u have a great day!

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