Since I was a baby, (I’m 5 months old now) I liked bottle caps.

I stole one from the table one time and loved playing with them ever since,

I even brought them with me to my photo shoots.

(I still try to play with them when I’m working)

I’d like to bring them outside, but mom wont let me

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better at holding them

(and I have more of them)

 The humans roll them, and I catch them.

Mom doesn’t like that I have them in my mouth all the time, she thinks I’ll get  poisoned somehow chewing on the plastic.

But I just love them.

Mom tried replacing them,

But it didn’t work.

Nothing can replace my bottle caps

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  1. That’s so cool when a cat has one toy he or she loves. It makes the life so much easier. It’s also cool when a cat can just play with that toy and be happy. Usyaka gets bored too quickly if it’s just a toy.

    Jimmie is adorable. He’s so cute, I like his kind of pointed nose, if I can say so, like a fox nose.
    Is he of any breed?

    • he’s a mut, we found him. I think he has a nose of a boxer, its kind of flat :). He has such great expressions, I am just too slow, I need video, we’re getting one any day now. Jimmie is going to blog about his love for Usyake soon. She is a supermodel!!!

      • haha, that will be very interesting to read 🙂

        Yes, make the video! I’d love to see this cuteness moving and jumping and running after his caps and so on 🙂

        I can’t believe he’s only 5 months old! He has such a grown-up look in his eyes.

  2. You look sooooooo cute Jimmie, playing with your caps, and I see you have a good stash, not just one or two! You will soon need a toy box just for your caps if you keep collecting them like that!
    Just be careful you don’t swallow one and choke on it.

  3. Oh Jimmie, those pictures of you when you were little are so cute. You could have been a ‘Gerber kitty.’

    And I think I’ve said this before, blue is your color. Picks up your gray.


  4. Jimmie, your mom is very lucky to have a cat who’ll wear sweaters! If you like bottle caps, you might like bottle rings (from Gatorade bottles) even better since they’re easier to carry. My cats have enough of them to cover the space under the furniture, the stove, and the refrigerator with still a few left out to play with. Free toys are the best!

  5. Jimmie, my thing is twisties from bread wrappers and rings from bottles that come under the caps. Never tried the caps themselves, but you make them look like so much fun, Karen promises to give me the next one she gets.

    LOVE your blue coat. Do you mind telling me who your tailor is?

    Your fellow kitten,

  6. Hey Jimmie, very nice to meet you, I came over from Catsparella. Mr Darcy loves bottle caps too… he especially loves to paw them under any piece of furniture to hand, then wails when he can’t reach them. I then have to get on my hands and knees (or flat on my belly if it’s gone really far under!) to dig it out again!! =^..^=

  7. Way tooo adorable. Jimmiechew you have the best name. I am going to follow you, I will however have to keep you a secret from my pooch, he gets terribly jealous especially when I cross into the darkside (his words!). Keep up with the modelling aspirations & training, hope to see you one day on a advert somewhere 🙂

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