this week

This week I was back to practicing my modeling.

 Mom has been slacking a bit with my training. I am waiting for my piano to be delivered (any day now) so I can start practicing how to play for my “live appearance” at the day care center, I think the kids would love that!

(as always Fin was interrupting my training)

He is like the lunch room bully who wants your desert.

I also got a new toy.

That I really loved.

 Even D liked it, (he never likes my toys, he only plays with his bird)

(I saw Usyaka had one and I really wanted one.)

 Oh my Usyaka, I am in love with her.

She is like Naomi Campbell, a Supermodel of cats. 

We also got a rug for our condo.

Mom is afraid I will ruin it,

if I keep chewing it.

Fin and I got into a little fight this week.

We worked it out later.

Darnell never bothers me, he is so gentle with me.

I didn’t stay mad at Fin for long,

soon we were destroying a box together.

(that is the box of fish for our condo.)

I took a few walks this week.

 I went to moms house.

I snooped around the neighborhood.

I took a few pictures at moms house.

I dont like being brushed, so mom thought if I had my own Maison Pearson brush I might change my mind.

I didn’t.

But Fin LOVED it!!

 I am featured on Catsparellas blog this weekend!! How cool is that!!

It was a good week!!!

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  1. What a wonderful bunch of photos, Jimmie. You are so adorable. I’m glad you have a chance to focus on your modelling again.

    Where did you get such adorable outfits? I especially love your little blue coat. I would love something like that for Chun, not that he needs it because he doesn’t take walks outdoors like you. You are so fashionable!

    The picture of you and Darnell touching noses is so so so cute. Awwww.

  2. “I will ruin it
    If I keep chewin’ it.”

    On top of all your other native talents, skills, and accomplishments too numerous to fit in this box, JC — you’re a poet and you don’t know it.

  3. OH MY GOD!!!! LOL )))
    I was going to comment on the toy and on the lovely wooden chair and on how cool and natural Jimmie looks in all his outfits and then I saw USYAKA!
    OMG!!! I’m still laughing. Usyaka is sitting next to me and she had to bend her ears to the side because I think it’s too loud for her!
    LOL :)))
    That’s so cool! Just look at this! He’s touching the screen with Usyaka’s photo! That’s awesome! Thank you so much!

  4. Yeah, BTW, I noticed it later and was very surprised 🙂 Where did you get this soviet union flag? It’s very unusual to see it anywhere these days, although it does provide a good background for your photos. 😀

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  6. Aloha, Jimmie! You look fabulous as always, especially with that red background… My human has a flag from the USSR around here somewhere. I wonder if I could convince her to use it as a backdrop for some of my photos… Red is my favorite color!

  7. You’re a natural, darl, you’ll go far 🙂 LOVED the silhoutte one of you looking at each other 🙂 You shouldn’t eat rugs though – not good for your figure. And that hair brush really is too big for cleaning your teeth. Behave! Love you ever 🙂

  8. Model to Model…I think you’re ready for the Talent Competition Jimmy, I really do.

    And I know what it’s like to have an idol. Mine was Lauren Hutton. Usyaka is beautiful but you have much more character and believe me, it will make all the difference. Not every model can be funny and take it from this one, it always gets you invited to the party.

    Regards to Fin and Darnell.


  9. Thanks for checking out my mother Ann’s wordpress blog, Jimmie and that you liked my You Tube video: The Healing Power of Animals, starring MOI of course! I’m French you know, though I live in England now. I love your Polo-necked sweater. I’m going to have Ann knit me one.

    Have a great Christmas with lots of treats.



  10. What an adorable little fella you are JC, you are one very lucky kitty – its so great to read your ‘rags to riches’ story! Thanks for dropping by our site & giving a thumbs up to our homeless kitties – you know what they’re going through and we hope & pray they will find someone amazing to love them, just like you did.

    Keep up the modeling little man – you are a natural. Big hugs from Down Under.


  11. OK. This may be the most feel-good post ever! As the proud owner of two Sphynx cats, you are truly a feline after my heart. Thanks for sharing your adventures — and for liking my blog post! xo

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