My Italian piano finally came in,

and it doesn’t work!

 I am waiting for a new one. (I did try to play a song or two.)

( mom needs a new camera)

I got a new day bed.

I really like my day bed.

So does Darnell

Darnell doesn’t need anything new to be happy.

He is just a happy cat

Fin got a new box.

And a ribbon.

We also got new Russian bowls for our treats.

This weekend mom is going to the Pet Expo at the Meadowlands in Secaucus, I’m sure she will come home with something new.

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  1. These cats are so crazily lucky to have such a great mom! Just look at this! A piano, a day ( a day !!!) bed, new Russian (I giggled at that) bowls and now she is going to the expo for more things!
    I wish we had normal pet shops here, I would buy also buy A LOT. But so far they don’t even deliver here from abroad.
    The pictures are great!
    I’m still laughing at those two where they are eating and then Fin is stealing more food for himself.

  2. mom doesn’t think that darnell approves of your playing on that new piano…we saw his tongue sticking out at you!!! mom says that while she is ok with us playing in boxes, she is glad we don’t chew on them like Fin.

  3. You know Jimmie, playing an instrument is really a plus. Most models don’t read books let alone music.

    And your bed is so regal. It’s nice that you let Darnell nap with but a model needs her beauty rest remember so tell him, ‘no fooling around.’

    Do you have an eye mask? I recommend one. Also, cucumbers on your lids. It’s an old remedy but it works.

    You’re one hip cat there Jimmie.


  4. What spoiled kitties – but so cute! I didn’t even know they made daybeds for cats. Funny how he actually sleeps in his bed. My cats will not touch theirs, so we use it for a toybox for them.

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