Quick update

Mom has been a little behind on keeping up my blog (and my training). Last weekend I went to the Pet Expo and took lots of pictures that she thought she uploaded but didn’t. This is all we have left, she deleted the best ones by accident.

The Pet Expo was not what we expected. It was in a very small room and there was not much stuff to buy for a cat (very disappointing). I met lots of new friends so that made it worth the money we spent to get in. 

I was the only cat there.

Everybody loved me!!! They couldn’t believe I follow mom around on a leash like a dog.

The dogs were really into me,

I was really into the pig,

 I enjoyed watching the dog show.

The tiger in the cage made everyone sad. Mom couldn’t even look at him, he looked so miserable in there.

I got a CATicature done.

I won a toy (mom deleted the picture of me holding it)

We got new food bowls at the expo. We like them, we dont have to bend down to eat now.

I tried out a bigger day bed at the Expo, but it was too expensive.

I posed for a few pictures this week,

  Darnell is posing for treats now too.

Fin just meows for treats.

Mom is still leaving her stuff all over the place when she comes over, and we are on it!

When she puts it away in the closet, Darnell opens the door to let us in.

Darnell has been stealing my toys lately,

I’ve been stealing them back.

I took a ride to grandmas,

I wore my new Purrberry coat/harness.

At the Pet Expo we met a lady from Hollywood Pets, she said to send her some pictures of me wearing this coat/harness, if she uses one in her store I will get free clothes! We will take some pictures next week for her. It’s not a paying modelling gig bit its a start.

I didn’t have time to practice my tricks this week. Mom promised she will finally  teach me how to play my piano next week.


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  1. Jimmie you’re so handsome, cute bowls! I love them!

    And the tiger, that is very sad. 😦

    I hope the modeling for that lady works out! It’s a start!
    (I really dig that jacket/harness).

  2. I missed that guy! I mean I’m used to A LOT of Jimmie pictures and the previous week there was just one ( although a great one).
    I’m so sorry about the deleted pics, that must be really painful 😦 So, have you uploaded them to wordpress, but they disappeared? Is there a chance they are still saved in the drafts?
    Anyway, these pics are also fun and congrats on your useful lady with cool clothes, she sounds like a good contact!

  3. Good news, and a good day out! I went to a pet expo in Dublin 2 years ago and was very disapointed in the lack of cat-things. There were more snakes than cats – yes, in Ireland 🙂 Glad Jimmie had a fun day 🙂

  4. No I deleted the pics for good, I thought I saved them but I never even put them on the computer, so sad they were sooo good. (these pics are the ones I wasnt going to use)
    Jimmie was the star at the expo. Everyone went nuts for him, he took pics with everybody! Its a shame i was so careless.
    I hope the Hollywood Pets lady likes his pics and puts them in her store (we will take them next week) this will be his first real model’n job!!!

    • Oh, I feel your pain. Well, it’s also some experience. Who knows, maybe you lost these photos for the sake of the future photos. Now you probably will be double-checking to see if you have uploaded photos or not (I know it, because I always do it myself now, it’s so sad to lose photos)

      I envy those people who took their pics with Jimmie! 🙂 I can imagine the excitement he caused. He’s very charismatic and it’s quite rare for cats to be comfortable walking on a leash.

      And again congrats on the photo model opportunity! You did it, you are moving forward, it’s so inspiring to watch!

  5. I guess Darnell has aspirations same as the rest of us.

    I have a black Purrberry raincoat. It’s very chic. My ex gave it to me so I’m thinking of making curtains out of it.

    You reminded me of my first modeling job. I didn’t get paid either. It was for The Brooklawn Country Club in Fairfield Conn. and they gave me lunch. If I remember correctly it was a lobster roll.

    Have to start somewhere Jimmie.


  6. What a FANTASTIC life you lead!!! I absolutely loved the photo from behind you, showing your head & ears. That was so cute. I can’t believe, as a kitty, you get taken out so much. It’s wonderful 🙂 Lucky puss

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