Dear meowmoir

Mom has lost her mind for sure. I remember she swore she would never put outfits on me.

I’m a cat.! I HAVE FUR!

I guess since I dont complain, she dresses me every time we go out now.

I have quite a collection of sweaters and mom is threatening to make more.

(This one is too tight, she needs to measure better)

I even have a place to hang all my clothes. (She’s crazy I tell you)

How many sweaters does a CAT need?

She found some leather to make a travel bag for me.

She will use this pink bag for the pattern. She doesn’t have a leather sewing machine, we’re thinking we can glue and staple it. The inside will be lined in fake fur so I have something soft to lay on. (Lets see how long this will take)

I have been practicing some of my old tricks,

just to make sure I havent forgotten them.

 Fin sure hasn’t forgotten how to interrupt me.

Learning to play the piano is not as easy as we thought it would be.

I know how to “touch” things, but I can’t hit the keys.

Fin is also trying, but can’t do it.

We ended up with two pianos, one of us will learn.

(I came close a few times)

Fin just can’t stand it when mom spends time with me studying.

He will meow untill she gives him attention.

I make sure I bother him when he’s enjoying the sun spot.

The humans are still working on our kitty city. (its takeing so long)

   We like to sleep in our condo even though it’s not ready.

Well I dont really sleep, I like to bother Darnell.

  He is such a good cat, he never complains, he will just move to a different bed.

Darnell found his chirping bird. (it was lost for a while)

He loves that bird.

Fin and I have a new game.

He hides, I find him.

 I hide, he finds me.

Darnell likes playing by himself. 

  I try to entice him, but he’s a loner cat I think.

I steal his bird and he doesn’t chase me.

Sometimes I can annoy him enough to whack me but that’s it, he doesn’t even clean me anymore.

We have so many things to play with,

I dont know what to play with first.

The new food bowls are fantastic, we have less gas and its easier on our necks (I think)

My modelling career is not going as well as I though it would. I thought with my talent I would have gotten a job by now. My cute kitten years are almost behind me. I hope the lady we met at the Expo uses my picture, I think that would help me get my paw in the door. Mom has another appointment with an animal agent next week. He sais he can get us some catalog work. (He liked my pictures on the blog) We think he is a scam artist, but we’ll go anyway, we have nothing to lose.

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  1. Gosh! So many cool photos, I don’t know what to comment about first.
    While I still remember – when you teach them playing the piano – have you tried putting Jimmies caps on the keys? Maybe he’d hit them with his paw and thus plays his first notes there?

    The outfits are fantastic! Your creativity is limitless. I envy you and your cats and I can’t imagine how much fun you are having organizing all those things for them.
    Will you upload more pictures of their room? It’s so interesting to look at all the details.

    Darnell’s facial expressions are priceless. I laughed a lot 🙂

    You said you’re going to meet an agent and he saw the photos on the blog and you think he’s a scam artist? Is it a slang and it means something good, instead of the usual ‘scam’ or the agent has got a good sense of humor( I thought he might see the word in the post) Anyway, good luck to you at the meeting!

  2. you are so sweet, I think you like the cats as much as i do 🙂
    yes I have too much fun with them. as for the agent, I told him i didnt really trust everything he was telling me (when something sounds too good to be true, it usual is, isnt it?) but i will go and see what he has to say, he wants to meet jimmie. lets hope jimmie doesnt get cold paws and forgets his tricks. We are going to try to finish the kitty city this weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh. I love your photos. I am super shocked at how comfortable Jimmie is in all those clothes. We tried that on Duncan and Smudge several times and at best was total defeat and at worst frantic disrobing. Anyway, I totally hope you don’t mind when I steal your photos to draw and post. I feel inspired with all your awesome pictures! Most of my cat pictures are of the cats lounging and being lazy and when I see these great shots of interesting cat happenings, I can’t help myself. 🙂

  4. What an adorable family you have! Do they object to being dressed at first, or are they born fashionistas?

    My family has a puppy, so I think I’ll by puppyfying a few of these for him!

  5. We are loving this blog! We couldnt’t stop laughing at some of the pics and the outfits are just incredible, they look just too sweet. You seem like a great little family 😀

  6. The cats here are not exactly approachable. Did I mention the one that tried to eat me? Dogs could be hunting partners, but cats need something to bring in the rodents. Like agriculture, but that’s quite a ways in the future. Jarn.

  7. This is one stylin’ photoshoot. If you don’t get scouted for Vogue Gattio, then the world makes no sense. Personally, if our human friend tried this, we would shred her. Seriously.
    Yours truly,
    Clancy, Amelia and Moe
    via lynn@skydiaries (a human)

  8. You know Jimmie, a models is supposed to have a versatile wardrobe. You should see my closet. I could open up a store.

    And you’re so lucky to have a mom who’s a seamstress. It’s like living with Betsy Ross.

    Also, there’s a lot of competition out there so looking hot not to mention stylish puts you ahead of the curve.


  9. I love your photos! I am a cat lover and have 2 very spoiled babies living at my house. The only reason I stopped at 2 is because my husband would never allow it. He only puts up with them because we live on a ranch and the cats have rid the house of mice (we had mouse nests all over the house when we first moved in…gone now), scorpions (cats can smell out scorpions…I’ve seen them do it) and snakes (my cats have killed 2 snakes in my dining room). He went to an allergist once and was given a page long list of things he was allergic to. One of them was cats so he told me to find another home for them. I told him that, since he’s going to take shots for allergies anyway, he should just add cat to the shot because I’m allergic to mice, scorpions and snakes in my dining room! I’m not living in the country without my cats!

  10. Oh my gosh that is the cutest thing ever!! I was thinking of getting my cats a hoodie… that is SO cute. And to think I was actually one of those people who never understood why people do that to their pets. Lol. Do you take your cat out on a leash? for walks? How do you do that?!

    On another, thanks for stopping by my blog and liking it. I was excited that someone loves cats came by. I felt understood in some weird way. 🙂


  11. Jimmie Chew – you are an adorable one — and good sport too! Mom is doing her part in helping keep you warm while adding a bit of style to the situation. Good for you, for allowing her the moments. Moms are like that!!!

  12. Jimmie! I love this blog ~ big big smiles… my dear old mother help start the first cat rescue/orphanage in Los Angeles in the 60’s ~ I am sure your relatives will remember her ~
    WE my partner & I are practicing Earth Angels ~Angelic Shamans specialising in energy work like many many others to help re~connect us all to Heaven on Earth ~ I kow you kitties understand this.
    I have another new blog for my ‘absurd’ side ~ it is called ~ on that blog there is a post called Acupuncture by Kitty dedicated to our new kitty Indie 9 weeks old ~ I know you will enjoy the post ~ I have shared your picture with Indie & Big Kitty ~
    Much Cat Angel LOVE,
    Aurora & Brian

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