I have been neglected this week! Mom is working on opening up a clothing store, she hasn’t been around all week!

She felt really bad, so she made me the homemade cat treat that I loved when I was sick a few weeks ago.

(Now that she knows about Brewers yeast, she used it)

  It didn’t make up for her neglecting me, but I’ll take it. I missed her. When she slept over, I laid on her arm all night purring. When she moved, I bit her gently.

 Darnell has been nice to me, we have gotten closer this week.

I modeled and practised my tricks a little yesterday.

I’m getting closer to hitting the keys on the piano, mom is so proud.

I was having a good time with mom,

But Darnell and Fin (as always) had to interrupt me. 

(oh that Fin)

I dont mind sharing the spot light and treats with them,

it’s just hard to concentrate when they are constantly meowing. We can’t put them in another room, we tried that once.

For some reason D has been very nice to me, I think he knows I have been depressed not having mom around.

he even started cleaning me again. He knows I feel neglected.

For a minute, he let me play with his bird.

 For a minute.

I’ve been enjoying chewing on the dog toy,

untill Fin takes it away from me

I also got caught stealing yesterday.

I hope mom doesn’t neglect my career when she opens her store. (she already had to reschedule my agent) The good news is that she will have a partner, so she wont have to be there everyday and she can bring me to work with her sometimes ! (I can wear all my sweaters!)

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  1. Oh Jimmie, Don’t be too sad. I bet the new store will help fund your modeling career … or at least go towards extra treats & toys!!!

  2. Jimmie, you’re so wonderful! I hope to hear your first concert soon, and I’m also glad Darnell is taking some pity on you with your mom away. Perhaps you will be a shop cat! Best wishes to your mom!

  3. If you steal stuff you’re supposed to do it when no people are home. Then you can blame it on someone else. I’m still trying to convince my people that it was Scratchy who got into all that stuff.

  4. Your mum won’t neglect you when he opens that store because you’re more important than that store – didn’t you figure athat out?

    Loved your pics. Man you guys live, clothes store or none.

    Tell your mum good luck 🙂 And you know, she might even come back with clothes for you!!


  5. That meerkat pose? With the hula hoop? UNBEARABLE!!! Your belleh-marking looks like a tie in that one. Very properly dashingly turned-out. Jimmie, you are just unbearable. I can’t stand how awesome you are.

  6. Ever try tuna juice? It’s that stuff most humans squeeze out of the
    can and *gasp* discard. I’d use it to make bloody ceasers when I’m
    out of clamato – but Mage now forbids me adulterate this sweet nectar
    in any way. Seeing as he is the only cat ever to refuse the tuna itself. I
    respect his standards.

  7. We are reading your blog everyday and are truly enjoying it – you and your brothers are so adorable and we wish you all the best on your work, where you can wear all of your sweet sweaters 🙂
    One question, where does your mommy buy these amazing accessories?

  8. You know Jimmie, you just get better looking and as far as the clothing store goes. This could be a major opportunity for you.

    I’m sure they’ll need a model at some point. Practice your runway walk while your Mom’s at work.


  9. Poor Jimmie! My Jen knows just how you feel. My sister (her favorite, treat-providing human) had to leave early to work long day today. Then the rest of her humans left too! She kept meowing and rubbing up against my sister’s door, hoping to be let in. Yesterday, our other cat, Precious, was caught rummaging through the mail at 5 am. Do you cats get cabin fever by any chance?

  10. Aaw, poor Jimmie. Our cat would definitely relate – although she’s a tortoiseshell and would turn her nose up straight away at the prospect of playing the piano, she’s definitely known neglect when we’ve had to go travelling and leave her with the neighbours!

    Still, I’m sure she’ll make up for it.

    These are such amazing, pictures, by the way. Jimmie is very photogenic!


  11. I tried to find an About page to write this on but couldn’t…. I just wanted to say THANK you, & bless you! Just, I don’t know, I really appreciate you’ve followed me, and that you watched my latest contribution to the world, you know. I just want to say thanks 🙂 xx

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