I dont know where the humans have been going without me but I sure like all the boxes they’ve been coming home with.

One box was the best box

I loved it!

It came with three balls that you have to try to take out.

I got really good at getting all the balls out.

But then I lost all the balls.

   I started looking for the balls but I got distracted

The new furry bed from another box

  was distracting me all last week.

I didn’t want to do anything else but “play” with that furry bed, mom had to take it away from me.

Yesterday mom left me at the vets office for a while.

When she picked me up I showed her a certificate of bravery Dr. Katz gave me.

This morning mom gave me the furry bed back so I could relax on it 

But I was distracted

I was looking for my balls.

Mom said the balls are gone forever and now I have to learn to get the treats out of the toy box.

 I will try not to be so easily distracted in the future that I lose things. It hurts when you lose the things you love. I loved my balls.   

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  1. Poor Jimmie, now you will be able to concentrate on getting the balls out of the box properly without being distracted – and enjoy your new furry bed!
    You were very brave going to the vet.

  2. Yes. Well — funny I don’t know. The biting-everything thing reminds me of another party who shall be nameless. This party looks a lot like Jimmie and his name rhymes with Mugs.

  3. Ella, that’s brilliant! It took me some time to understand what was going on in the story and then I read it the second time. Brilliant!

    Jimmie looks quite recovered from his loss. Now he can spend all his energy and talent on lots of exciting things in his life! 🙂

  4. Dear Jimmie, I’ve been told I lost my balls when I was only 6 weeks old, but I don’t remember them and don’t miss them. I can tell you that the fur on your arm will grow back soon, good as new. Mine did! And since your mom is so generous, you will get a bunch of new balls that crinkle and jingle that you will love to chase and bat under the couch.
    Your friend,

  5. Dear Jimmie…

    First off, welcome back and I’m sorry about, you know, the ball situation. Actually I hear it’s great since they’ll no longer get in the way, and fashion wise that’s a perk. Designers love when models leave the accessorizing to them.

    As far as as that bed goes, Christy Turlington has one just like it. I’ve seen it.

    Maybe you can ask your mom to rent Puss n Boots, I give it 4 stars.

    Glad you’re back.


  6. I so, so love your cats’ adventures. Your writing, telling, is so simple & truly their POV (point of view). That balls thing is fantastic. Never seen anything like it, but they loved it. Your cats are the luckiest in the world!

  7. You are brave indeed, Jimmie! Sprocket still hasn’t lost his balls. It’s just a matter of time before they go missing. I don’t think our doctor gives certificates of bravery, though. 😦

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