I am recuperating nicely.

Brookdale Pet Center sent me a gift for being the #1 customer! (I will have to go thank Brook later this week)

Fin wanted to open it ASAP

So did Darnell.

We tried the beef and gravy, it was very good.

 Usually we  dont like beef, but this had lots of gravy so we loved it. I hope we like the rest of the flavors, this could be our new food. My brothers have been kind of nice to me the last few days,

they must know I was told to take it easy for the next few days. I’ve only been playing with things within my reach.

Darnell found a new game to play with the humans.

They throw a toy,

he catches it.

When I interrupt

(and I do every time)

 He gets mad and

 takes it out on his monkey.

Sometimes he will hide and pout while we all look for him.

Mom will then put on the disco ball,

and some treats for us to dig out,

 and he forgets he was ever mad.

 (He was mad again later at mom for trying to put a sweater on him.)

Last week moms old dog Holly went to heaven. She was 17 1/2 years old, her body could not hold her spirit any longer. Mom is upset but she understands it was time for her to go.

We got a tree with toys on it for some reason in our room.

(Did mom really think I wouldn’t chew everything)

I even found a mini Pedro to chew on.

 Mom said Sunday I will get lots of boxes. I can’t wait!!!!


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  1. Jimmie, what are you recuperating from?! I’m glad to see you’re well, and sorry to hear about your mommy’s dog. I hope you all have a happy holiday, I see it’s started already!

  2. I’m very sorry about your dog.

    Jimmie looks as happy as ever with lots of interesting things to play with. What a good mom you are, I’m sure your cats never stop developing and growing, so many things for them to investigate, it’s amazing!

  3. Hey Jimmie, it’s good to hear that you are getting better and moving around more now, getting up to your old tricks with the others!
    Sorry to hear about Holly, it’s so sad losing any pet.
    I wish you wouldn’t pinch the toys off the tree and chew them, you might get sick.

  4. Your cats are sooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous 🙂

    If only they knew so many people around the world were looking at them, when they eye the camera like that. They ALWAYS make me smile.

  5. Sending your mom our deepest sympathy for her loss. *hugs*

    You and your brothers really know how to have fun. That lobster ornament is cute. Glad to hear you’re doing well and enjoying your treats.

  6. Merry Christmas, Jimmie! I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s dog – you’ll have to be especially cute and sweet this Christmas to keep her spirits up. I love your tree, and I really love your Pedro ornament! 😀

  7. Well, no, wait — I guess the dog is named Jimmie ChewS. Guess that’s all right, then. Well, no, not really. I think you could make out a case for trade infringement. The possibility of confusion seems great. What’ll this do to your career? Do you have a lawyer? Ask Pedro. I think he knows somebody good.

    • Mojo Cat was my legal aide, but he’s on saCATical now… Maybe we could get Not Cat and Kitty to rough him up a little and scare him into changing his name? While they’re at it, maybe we should do something about that shoe designer, too.

      • Dispensing with the holiday cheer and kindness themes, I see. Well, Pedro, you’re the brains behind the muscle. If in doubt, resort to force. Let’s see what Jimmie’s human says.

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