Basket case

This week I took it easy. I am almost healed. (but I still have tiny scabs that are really itchy)

 After the humans opened all the boxes they got as gifts, Darnell found a basket.

It looked like a fun basket

I really wanted to try the basket out . 

Darnell took forever playing in it. I was begging him to get out, I was meowing to get him out. Mom picked me up to make me feel better and he finally got out.

Mom wasnt quick enough to put me down and Fin got in the basket.

He was in the basket forever.

I tried to get him out but he smacked me.

Finally it was my turn in the basket.

Oh it was worth the wait! What a good basket it was.

I was sooo happy.

I chewed,

and I chewed that basket,

untill I fell asleep in the basket.

I also have been practicing on the new piano,

I am still having problems hitting the keys.

I think mom might need to move on from this trick, I might not get this one. (I’m sure its her not me.) We will give it another week or two and move on.

I ran into Bently on my walk the other day, he REALLY wants to be my friend.

I’m not afraid of him, I am just afraid he will lick me to death.

Mom is rescheduling my appointment with the animal agent and we are going to start looking for work for me again.  If I dont get a job in six months we are going to give up on my acting/modeling career and I will just volunteer around town.(I’m already a local celebrity and I have over 200 subscribers from around the world, that’s cool enough for me). Who knew it would be harder to get a cat a job than training a cat to do tricks. (I hope I have better luck in the new year).

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  1. Hey Jimmie,

    Has your mom tried getting you to chase the laser pointer light over the piano keys?
    Laser pointers have problems as cat toys, but they might be a good way to make you interested in touching piano keys!

  2. Total, TOTAL basket case 🙂

    I absolutely love your stories, Jimmie Chew. Your kitties are such stars. They’re wild eyed and into EVERYTHING you bring home. They’re just gorgeous.

    What, give up after 6 months. Oh well, yeah, 200 subbers is pretty good – better than me! Maybe if I grew some fur….

  3. Happy Mew Year!!! We’re glad you’re improving! Great basket work!!! We think you can learn the piano! Pretend it has a mouse on the keyboard?!? We will say purrs fur your modeling career. You wouldn’t think it would be as hard fur a beautiful feline as it is fur people?!? You’re very brave with that woofie!!! XOXO

  4. Ah Jimmie don’t give up. Fame takes time. I think the more you practice piano and keep slim and trim basket chewing you’ll get your break and when you do, you’re gonna be so ready.

    There’s a new bio out on Rin Tin Tin. I think your mother should get it for you. It’s very inspirational.

    I know he’s not a cat but he certainly paved the way for his fellow creatures.

    Happy New Year Jimmie.


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