The New Year

My year started very nice, I found out I was the cat of the month!

Not a crazy cat lady lady drew me again!!!

We love her cartoon world!!!

 Darnell played pounce with us the other day, he hasnt done that in a long time.

I am love’n all my new toys.

I met the cutest little human at the Brookdale Pet Center.

She was so happy to see me, I was so happy to see my birds.

I got kitten milk to celebrate the New Year.

(Fin wouldn’t let me enjoy it in peace)

Mom doesnt want to give him any milk (he is getting too fat) but I left him some as usual. (Darnell doesnt like it)

I found moms boot to play with,

but she took it away and put it in the closet.

I meowed for it for a while. (I am very vocal these days, I learned that from big mouth Fin)

I got what I wanted mom opened the door and I found to my surprise my tree with toys, I forgot all about the boot.

I couldnt play with the tree or the boots, so I found other things to play with.

(I like to do the death roll with my new toy dog)

Darnell has been very frisky the last few days.

He hasn’t been this playful since he was a kitten.

 Fin has been chewing everything he can get his teeth on (he learned that from me.) 

My cat pack is back.


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    Thank you so much, gorgeous darlings, for my first smile of the day. 8.35 a.m. Melbourne, Tuesday 3 January.

    The little human was indeed very cute (and you guys are great at sharing!)

  2. Happy New Year, Jimmie Chew and family! It looks like your year has gotten off to a great start. Congrats on being Cat of the Month. 😀 Your new drawing is adorable. You have so much fun exploring the world and playing with your brothers – thank you for sharing!

  3. Concatulations Jimmie on Cat of The Month! What an honor! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy Mew Year!!!

  4. Cat of the month!!! See, I told you. It’s just a matter of time before you hit the big time.

    By the way, love that bow tie, so old fashioned, so classic, so Ivy League, F.Scott Fitzgerald. You are very versatile Jimmie. It’s what separates you from the other guys.


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