Chew update

 Mom has been preoccupied with human stuff lately. She has been visiting me, she just hasn’t had time to take pictures and write what I’ve been up to. Here is a quick update.

 Lets see, we went to meet the agent last week.

We were told not to take pictures, we took a few anyway, sorry.

The lady we met with was very nice, she was telling mom what it would take for me to be a cat model. I listened.

 She told us I would have to take an obedience class they offer (with all dogs). They still dont guarantee me a job, but I would be in the “book”.  (All dogs ha, that would be funny).

We will have to think about that. Some of the things I have to work on are; staying in my spot when mom walks away (I follow moms commands when she is standing close to me, if she walks away, I follow her) I need to learn how to wave my paw in the air. (I know how I can learn that, that will be easy)

The agent also recommended mom should slip me a Valium or something to calm me down. (I want a drug free agency) The lady dropped a bunch of folders on the ground to show mom that I was jumpy. Hello, even mom jumped at the loud noise.

 She told us to come back when I am a year old, because my looks wont change that fast if I need to re shoot something, and I might be calmer when I’m older. I also need to practice my tricks more if I dont take a class, and learn a few new ones (something that will separate me from the other cat models. I thought drinking from a straw and hitting the piano was good enough but I guess not) We will keep at it, we wont give up yet.

So at home I have been practicing with my little human friend to be a spokes model,( the agent lady said that would be my best bet, I have personality)

This isn’t work for me, I could drink milk all day I tell you.

Untill Darnell interrupts.

The rest of the week I have been a normal cat. Sticking my nose into things all over the house.

Mom is still collecting evidence for “Chew List” part 3

I have calmed down with my chewing, ( she just hasn’t been catching me in action)

 I use to chew EVERYTHING

Our favorite was the Designer Edition   

I also have been enjoying rolling around with cat nip in a box.

Untill Darnell interrupts.

Not much has changed around here.

(I did grow a bit.)

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  1. Please let Jimmie know I awarded him the Inspiring Blow award recently at my site (post dated – 1/13/12). My youngest son and I love reading about Jimmie. He inspired me to blog about my two kitties yesterday – Madeline and Pepito (who looks a lot like Darnell). Thanks for the fun blog!

  2. Hi Jimmie – I’m a little concerned that the agent is trying to get you into a class that they offer. I’m wondering how much that costs and if there is any guarantee afterward of work? It reminds me of what I heard as a human model, ‘You are great but you need a portfolio and we can do that for you for $$$.’ Caution your human!

      • That’s good, but from another comment you made, they don’t even have other cat-model photos to show you? That’s pushing it. And imagine if you owned one of those dogs and paid 400 for the training, and someone showed up with a cat! Instant mayhem for everyone.

      • You should show up for the class, but take money from owners worried that their dogs will fail the class with Jimmie present to go away before the class.

  3. I don’t care what anyone says, Jimmie! You already make the perfect model. I love your sweater and you don’t need anything to calm you down. I agree…..don’t let your human give money to this person unless they check out AND they guarantee you a job!!!

  4. HELLO GORGEOUS! 🙂 And you Ella! I haven’t heard from you for ages – but when puss said ‘Mom has been busy with human things’, I soooooo know what that’s about.

    Surely, SURELY the agency didn’t suggest valium for a pussy cat?? Bizzare.

    I think when the time’s right, your bundle of fur will be out there & working – and gorgeous 🙂

  5. Giving a cat valium to calm it down? I rather go with more natural things. I don’t think valium should be given to a cat, unless it’s medical. 😮

    Great pictures as always! Love the orange sweater!

    You inspired me to harness train my cats, Jimmie. 😉

  6. Jimmie, we know that if you really want something and work hard, you can get it! So hang in there!! But we are concerned that this agent wants you to take valium. We think there are better ways to handle that. Good luck to you!!

  7. I think that woman is blind to your obvious talents. I bet she knew a man who looked like you Jimmei – gray and medium build. It happens a lot.

    As for that Valium idea, fagettaboutiit – your mom is right, drug free all the way.

    Your friend Susannah

  8. Hi, Jimmie,
    I didn’t realize that a cat with your stunning good looks and charm would have such a hard time filling your appointment book with modeling gigs. Yet any old mutt seems to be able to land dog food commercials.

    When I was fresh out of the shelter as a 4-month-old kitten, I was so calm and lethargic, my human thought I’d make a good therapy cat so she started leash-training me. Now that I’m 9 months old and starting to assert myself, she’s having second thoughts. I may be too feisty. So from what you’re saying, a career in show biz is probably out, too.

    • The agent told us that those ‘muts’ are pros that live with ‘handlers’ who only do that for a liv’n.
      we will keep try’n, one job has to be out there for a ‘normal’ cat I would think. we are not giv’n up yet

  9. That is adorable! He went on a job interview!! I hope it works out but it does sound like an agency that doesn’t have any idea what to do with a cat model considering they want him to be in a class with all dogs…I doubt that would be a productive class.

  10. Jimmie, anyone who says you are too jumpy obviously doesn’t know cats! You are so friendly around strange humans its unbelievable. Wish I could get my cats to be that way.

  11. You don’t need that agent to be a star, Jimmie! Why not try it on your own without an agent? I think you just need to find a niche and go for it. Heck, this week I’m sending headshots (and udder shots) to a few dairy organizations. It can’t hurt, right? All you need is the right person to see how fabulous you are, and you’ll be a famous cat model.

  12. My advise for that agent is to take Valium herself so she wouldn’t throw heavy things next a cat to prove that the cat has a functioning nervous system. I wonder if she’s ever heard about Pavlov’s dogs? If she keeps throwing things around animals, they will jump just at the sight of her.

    I like Pedro’s idea, try it, Jimmie is awesome!

  13. Aw, sorry that didn’t go so great. It does *not* sound like a good fit with that agent so I am glad that you and your mom will be looking elsewhere. You are unique and talented and you need to find a place that respects you for who you are. *hugs* You are a great model and you are so sociable and intelligent, you are sure to succeed without having to take drugs or put up with silly people dropping things to startle you.

    Great photos! You are so cute in the orange sweater.

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