Poor Fin

It has been hard for me to remember not to step on the wheel to get my treats.

It doesn’t move if I’m stepping on it.

Eventually I remember.

On to level 3.

(I skipped level 2, it was too easy) On level 3 you just have to move the things around. (also too easy) I think level 1 was the best one. I need to find a harder game.

Poor Fin doesn’t get it.

He likes the food tower.

Mom made us a new home-made treat. It was for dogs, but we thought we would like it too. All you have to do is cut up Salmon real thin and bake it in the oven at 200 for 2-3 hours with the door slightly open for air to circulate. When the salmon is nice and crunchy, it’s like salmon jerky.

On the Animal Chanel we saw the best cat house. Maybe my humans could do something like that for us.

They said cats can see bright colors.

The other day Darnell was lounging in his little box,

when mom started annoying him.

He got up to go do something and Fin jumped in to the box.

D came back and attacked him. (he wasnt playing). Poor Fin got his tail kicked.

My new activity is hunting Fin under the fort.

(That’s Fin under there).

After I catch him,

this is what I look like.

 He has to hide from me to get any peace and quite.

Darnell likes when the humans pull the sleeping bag in the hallway.

He jumps on,

and goes for a ride. He LOVES it.

I just watch.

Again mom brought weird things over to try to amuse me.

( it breathes with batteries). I was amused for a minute.

(Poor Fin got scared.)

This one didn’t even breathe.

Doesnt mom know by now I can amuse myself.

My wall jumping is going great.

This is what I look like when I’m done.

Darnell found his fake Darnell.

He has been chewing on him for days now.

KV Pet Supply emailed us about the pictures we sent in. The lady said she loved my blog and how handsome I was and that they will let us know if they decide to use my picture! Then she asked if we could send her photos of Darnell. What the ……! Poor Fin, she didn’t ask for a picture of him.

I was told black cats dont make very good models because they were hard to light.

I know we are all good-looking cats here,

 but I’m the poser in the family!

(I’m still going to practice for my Chanel ad).

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  1. Just hope Darnell doesn’t try to touch anything metal after a ride on the sleeping bag – ZAP! It’s a shame these advertisers don’t want black cats. First bad luck, then dark sheddings on light furniture, then “hard to light” black cats can never get an even break! That’s primarily why I included one in my comic strip.

  2. Love your picture stories! That looks like a really clever cat toy in the first few pic, never seen anything like it. I too tried to make salmon/ chicken/ beef / gizzard jerkies for my cat as well, but we ate them faster than i could make them lol.

  3. All of you are so beautiful! I have special love for Fin; he reminds me of my sweet sweet Lil Dan. He passed away this past Sunday night and I feel like my heart has been ripped out. Please give Fin a big kiss and hug for me. Good luck with your modeling!

  4. Tell mum that treat looked FANTASTIC – you are so lucky!!!

    I loved your photos again. Oh, you guys make me smile – all three on the chairs was gorgeous…. and HOW do you walk on walls?!

    You guys have the best life ever – mom takes the best care of you of any cat I have EVER seen 🙂

  5. Jimmie, we have a tower just like yours. Got it for Christmas. Adele and Cole have figured it out and occasionally fight over who gets the treats, although they think it’s way too much trouble for too little payoff, but I won’t touch it. Nobody’s going to catch this kitten with his paw in the cookie jar!
    Your friend,

  6. I could not figure out your good toy even with the directions you gave. I would starve. And that box. Oh no, a nice box has been shredded. The only good box is a whole box. One that you can climb inside and be by yourself.

  7. I remember a cat house like that! 🙂 It looks really nice.
    And awe, poor Fin. She didn’t even asked about him? Pffft.
    Also, the Salmon looks absolutely delicious!

  8. Jimmie I respect your confidence and I definitely think you should keep practicing for your Chanel ad. I mean look at you, you are a SPUNK! You sure have a lot of toyz to play with and I appreciate that you can still keep yourself entertained either way. You should give Fin a few pointers on the wheel toy.

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